Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation - Mentorship Program

In this program, you will learn how to create Facebook Messenger bots from scratch to reach and engage your audience in a personalised manner and turn your visitors into a regular customers

Enroll to know to Grow your Brand with Facebook Messenger Marketing

Come and join us to explore the power of Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Learn how we transformed our clients using Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy.

Here's what you get when you enrol for this program

8 Hrs of Live Coaching on Facebook Messenger Marketing

Digital Marketing Community access

SilFer Bots Community access
4 Monthly Facebook Live
Expert Sessions

1 Month Implementation

What makes our program special?

We stand for teaching the appropriate topics for the relevant crowd. Our programmes guarantee the proven methods and strategies that are used by us for our services. Step-by- step training with advanced tactics and approach in building a performance-driven digital marketing expertise.

Proven case study based mentorship program

Our program materials are prepared based on the proven strategies that we implement in our services.

Always from basic:

We start our programmes with the fundamentals to ensure that all our trainees/students are on the same level and to create a healthy base on the topic.

Practical more than theory:

Digitechniks programmes are all mostly 75-80% of practical and rest 25-20% theory.

Experimental and accelerated learning techniques:

We use the tools and unique learning techniques that will help our participants to capture and retain the information and apply those knowledge in practicality.

About The Trainer

Ankith S

Marketing Automation Specialist, Direct-Response Copywriter, Media Buyer

Hi! I am Ankith,

I’m an Engineer turned Marketer, a part-time freelancer, now working as a Content Marketing & Strategy Consultant at Digitechniks

I’m deeply passionate about Copywriting & Marketing Automation. I have had the pleasure of working with brands spanning across several verticals & have generated a considerable amount of revenue & innumerable leads for my clients.

I am on a MISSION to create, mentor, & hone the next wave of marketing professionals who can consistently generate tangible results for businesses.

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