Lead Generation & Webinar Package

Do you want to consistently & predictably generate qualified leads, conduct high-impact webinars that make your audience go WOW, & ultimately make your business profitable on the Internet?

(but the very thought of setting up automations, systems, & all the technical nitty-gritty scares you?)

YES? Don’t worry! We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. We will automate 100% of your sales & marketing communications, create high impact webinar funnels, set up rock-solid systems, do all the technical setup, & so much more..

So that you as an Entrepreneur/Business Owner focus your time & energy only on high-impact activities such as selling, upskilling your product/service, & growing your network.

Actual agency fee: Rs 60,000/-

Special price: Rs.35,000/- Only (+ GST)

What’s Included In Our Lead Generation & Webinar Package

We leave no stone unturned. We’ll set up a rock-solid lead generation webinar funnel for your business (from scratch) that consistently & predictably churns out piping steaming hot leads on total autopilot. Simply put, we’ll transform your business on the internet into a well-oiled machine by doing the A-Z of marketing & handling ALL the technical aspects.

Digital Media Funnel Consultation

We craft your customer journey, create a conversion-optimized funnel, or audit your existing funnel.

Email Autoresponder Setup
The entire email campaign is formulated, compelling content is created, & autoresponder sequences are set up in order to nurture your leads, generate sales, & increase brand recall.
Audience Creation
We thoroughly do the audience research using our checklists & processes, & laser-target your ideal audience(s) on ad platforms to ensure you get the maximum bang for the buck for every rupee spent on Ads.
Daily Lead Management
We organise the leads generated in a systematic format & keep you updated on a daily basis.
Full funnel design

We build a full-fledged funnel that not only looks aesthetically appealing but also generates leads/sales.

Here are a few lead magnet landing pages designed by us:

Whatsapp integrations

We swear by the omnichannel approach & hence leverage the power of Whatsapp automation & integrate it strategically with other systems to market your product/service

Messenger and whatsapp followup content flow

We not only focus on setting up automations & integrating them, but also on converting leads to customers, & customers to raving fans. All this can be achieved only if a rock-solid followup content strategy is put in place. We strategize & implement this process with pinpoint precision using chat marketing platforms (i.e. Facebook & Whatsapp Messenger).

Digital Media Strategy, Planning and Budgeting

We strategize, budget, & implement a digital media plan that generates positive ROI for your business.

Pixel Code and Retargeting Setup
We set up the necessary remarketing(tracking) codes on all the platforms to ensure that you can seamlessly follow up with your audience on multiple channels.
Analytics Setup
We set up the analytics dashboard with pinpoint precision & create custom reports by incorporating all the metrics to assess the performance of your business on the Internet.
Facebook and Instagram Ads Setup
We set up the Ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram from scratch, adhering to all the protocols.
Tripwire Landing page

A conversion-focused page portraying your tripwire offer is created. This is the stage in which you convert your leads into paying customers.

Here are a few tripwire landing pages designed by us:

Messenger integrations

Facebook Messenger automation is set up & integrated with other systems.

2 Webinar Promotions

This is where all the magic happens. We device & implement a winning webinar promotional strategy that floods your business with paying customers. Once this automated system is setup & perfected, you just need to actively focus on actively selling your product(s)/service(s)

Lead Capture Page

A conversion-focused landing page is made that is designed to attract piping hot leads. This page combines the right mix of persuasive copy & conversion-focused design elements.

Whatsapp Follow Up Strategy
The leads generated are strategically nurtured using Whatsapp as a marketing channel. We devise & implement a rock-solid Whatsapp follow-up content strategy.
Content and Graphics for Facebook and Instagram Ads

Multiple variants of scroll-stopping ads copies & jaw-dropping graphics are created. The copies & graphics are creatively engineered to garner attention & clicks.

Here are a few scroll-stopping graphics designed by us:

Ads Reporting and optimisation

We prepare a crisp & concise report to measure the key metrics that clearly indicate the performance of the Ad Campaign(s). Based on the insights gained from the report, we strategically optimize the campaign(s) to ensure you get the maximum ROI for every dollar/rupee spent.

Email integrations

All the necessary email integrations are made to ensure seamless & automated lead management.

Email autoresponder setup

The entire email campaign is formulated, compelling content is created, & autoresponder sequences are set up in order to nurture your leads, generate sales, & increase the brand recall.

But let’s face it. Doing all of the above yourself can be a pain in the rear.

You’ll have to:

Sit & learn all the concepts of Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

Learn all the systems, tools, strategies, processes, & frameworks yourself

Spend (& burn) a lot of money on testing

Gamble on Freelancers whenever you hit a technical roadblock

INSTEAD, you can happily wave goodbye to this tedious & time consuming process by handing over to the baton to the experts (yours truly)

We combine the right blend of technology, creativity, cutting-edge marketing strategies, data to deliver RESULTS.

Actual agency fee: Rs 60,000/-

Special price: Rs. 35,000/- Only (+GST)

The Digitechniks Advantage

Yes, there are 100s & 1000s of marketing agencies out there. BUT, what makes us uniquely qualified to serve you is the fact that we’ve helped 50+ businesses (spanning across several niches/verticals) consistently generate piping hot leads. We’ve boiled it all down into a fail-proof system.

The results have been phenomenal & here’s a glimpse of it:


Meet Your Consultant

Hi! I am Sharan, 

I’m an Engineer turned Digital Marketing Strategist and Coach, now spearheading Digitechnicks as the founder & chief Digital Media strategist 

I come equipped with more than a decade of solid experience in this industry & have spent over 1000+ hours and over 6 Crores on various Digital Marketing Platforms. 1500+ Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals, Students, & Working Professionals have been mentored by me. I’ve also had the privilege of working with big names like Tony Robbins.

All that I achieved is because of my innate ability to craft winning strategies, build teams, & create automated systems that have helped innumerable businesses spanning across various verticals to get consistent positive ROI. 


I am on a MISSION  to create, mentor, & hone the next wave of professionals who can consistently create meaningful employment, add immense value to the marketplace, & can truly transform the lives of people they have been called to serve in the process.

Here’s a quick recap of what you will get In this game-changing package:


Digital Media Funnel Consultation.


Digital Media Strategy, Planning and Budgeting.


Lead Capture Page.


Email Autoresponder Setup.


Facebook and Instagram Ads Setup.


Ads Reporting and optimisation.


2 Webinar Promotions.


Full funnel design.


Email Integration.


Whatsapp Integration.


Whatsapp Follow Up Strategy.


Analytics Setup.


Pixel Code and Retargeting Setup.


Content and Graphics for Facebook and Instagram Ads.


Audience Creation.


Daily Lead Management.


Messenger and whatsapp followup content flow.


Tripwire Landing page.


Facebook Messenger Integration.

Actual agency Fee: Rs 60,000/-

Special price: Rs. 35,000/- Only (+GST)