Website Questionnaire

Please answer the below questions and help us to understand to your requirement in detail.

    1. Please give us an introduction about your brand and history *

    2. Who are your prospects?

    3. What are your focussed offerings (Products and Servies)?

    4. Who are your top competitors in Bangalore and India for each of your solution?

    5. Please explain briefly the direction of your organization at this time if and how it

    6. What sets you apart from other solution providers in the same space as you that you

    7. Are there any offerings that you would like us to give prominent focus to? If so, which one(s)?

    8. Please explain the primary goals of the website

    9. If you were looking for your website on a search engine what words or phrases would you search for?

    Design, Layout & Content

    10. What is the impression you would like to create when a visitor views your website?

    11. Please describe the look and feel that you have in mind for the website.

    12. Do you have any specific styles or types of design that you would like to prefer for the site. Are there corporate colors, fonts or brand guidelines that should be taken into account?

    13. Which are some websites that appeal to you and fit within your desired look and feel?

    14. Is there anything you do not want on your site in terms of text, content, colors, graphic elements?

    15. What will be the most important information for a visitor to absorb that will aid in accomplishing the website’s objectives?

    16. Is there any content, pages or sections of the website that would you like to give specific prominence to?

    17. Do you have any preference on the type of imagery/ videos you would like to use on the site?