Nowadays businesses have so many social media followers but none of them buys your products or services.

Studies show that 55% of consumers say that they would boycott brands whose views don’t align with theirs and on average all the brands do not even have the overall engagement rate of 1% on their social platforms.

It is possible that your business may have a huge fan following on social media. However, the challenge occurs when your followers fail to convert when your brand is not transparent or appealing to customers or not meeting customer expectations.
According to research studies, 53% of consumers say they’re likely to buy from brands that are transparent on social media.

Most of the time we are unable to take the highest advantage of our social media followers as we are not able to convert them into our customers.
Having thousands of inactive followers on your social media profiles is meaningless if you can’t make them buy your products or services.

All the money that you spend in order to get followers gets wasted without the strategy to convert your contacts (Followers) into Contracts (Customers).

What exactly can you do to convert your contacts to contracts?
What is it that hinders your social media fans from converting?
Your first crucial step is to find out the shortcomings in your social media strategy that reduce the engagement rates as well as sales.
But don’t worry. We have the solution for you!

Here are the 6 simple social media hacks to convert contacts to contracts

1. Understand your Target Audience problems

The initial step to convert social media followers to brand advocates is to understand your target audience’s problems. You need to identify and understand the pain points, fears, frustrations and aspirations of your particular niche customers.

The better you understand your target audience, the better your content strategy and brand communication methods will be.  This will enable you to design the most effective social media strategy and planning to each specific target group through relevant content, videos, infographics etc.

As the depth of your target audience insight grows, it brings increased ROI and higher conversion rates by turning your social media list to loyal fans.
Hence, understanding the problems of your target market has to be based on audience research which needs your willingness to study each and every likes and dislikes, interests and expectations of your particular niche social media fans.

It is when you can offer what they want through your products or services, your contacts turn into contracts and you get the actual sales.

So, the success of any business does not start with “Sales”, but from “knowing your customers”!

2. Solve your target audience problems through blog and video content

Now when you already know the problems of your followers, the next step is to craft the most suited and personalized content that solves the specific target audience’s problems.

To create content that connects to your potential social media brand advocates, it is essential to answer all the WH questions related to their problems like why should you create a masterpiece content of their problems addressing your target audiences’ pain points, fears,  frustrations and aspirations.

As you create a blog or video, you need to make sure that your target audience finds it useful or it solves their problems or fulfil their aspirations.

Don’t aim for just clicks, shares and page views, rather have an intent to solve problems of your prospective customers and aim for a long-lasting customer-brand relationship, which ultimately increases engagement rates and convert followers to fans. Let your content be a trusted resource that readers can count on.

By solving your target audience’s problems through blog and video content, you create a cost-effective content strategy, gain a better competitive edge and improved conversion rates by converting your social media followers to brand advocates.

“The actual game changer is to find your Content Core and talk about what your audience cares about”.

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3. Update them with the latest information using image and infographic content

Rather than lengthy words, visual content is more appreciated by your social media fans. Infographics are not just a visual display of content in an appealing way, it is the simpler and most effective marketing tool to communicate your message to your target audience.

You need to create infographics in such a way that your prospects and existing customers enjoy it and feel compelled to share it with their friends and followers.
An infographic is attractive when it is well presented with relevant content that solves customer problems. Putting your logo in each infographics is a way to imprint your brand image in your existing customer minds.

When you also add embed code in the infographics, you are able to track the number of visits and potential reach of it.

“Updating the latest information through Infographics and image content is one of the easiest, less time consuming and impactful content strategies to drive back huge traffic to your blog or social media channels”.

4. Engage Them with frequent contests

Engaging your audience with frequent contests (once a month or once in 45 days) on social media is one of the great strategies to improve your Social Media engagements.

The objective of running social media contests is to increase their participation level as well as the number of active users.
Social media contests that offer a free giveaway product or service that fulfill the bucket lists/ interests/ aspirations of your target audience are more likely to get more attraction and engagement.

Examples of running engaging contests can be “like and/or comment to win”, giveaways, lucky winner contests, photo caption contests, best comment contest etc.

For Digitechniks, we run “fill in the blanks contests” for which we give away our exclusive marketing ebooks. Once in 45 days, we run social media contests where we give Digital Media Strategy and Mentorship Program for free to our target customers.

Results from contests: In this way, social media contests are cost-effective social media strategy to enhance the engagement and that will in turn increase the reach of your social Media Posts. It is run to build brand awareness, engage and delight your current customers.

When you run frequent contests, your social media page engagement rate will be higher with more visits, shares, page views and likes. In this way, your traffic to site is increased with higher conversion rates and better ROI.

People who participate in your contest will always wait for the next contest because it’s fun. These are the people who’ll later become your customers or brand advocates.

5. Make your social media channels as the encyclopedia of your niche

The best tactics to convert your social media fans to brand advocates is to give every possible information about your niche on your social media channels. 

The simple reason for your social media fans to get diverted to your competitor’s page is due to lack of relevant information in your page which they are searching for. When you help your social media followers with the information they want, they become loyal fans.

Hence, here the relevancy, quality, frequency, usefulness and adaptability of your information is the key. When all these components are combined in your social media content, your social media channel becomes the encyclopedia of your niche.

It is when your social media strategy works well and which in turn convert your social media list to loyal fans. When you cover your social media channels with all types of content that your prospects or existing customers are searching for.
This strategy prevents them from searching for similar social media channels where they might get hooked up with relevant information, which shift their focus and becomes your competitor’s loyal fan and buy their products.

“So, creating your social media channels as the encyclopedia of your niche is the one of the best Customer Retention Strategy and the most effective brand awareness tool to enhance your competitive edge and increase sales”. 

6. Retargeting Strategy

Your Retargeting Strategy is to make sure the content you create is reaching to all the social media followers. Your Social Media Followers should see all your content which is communicated to your target audience via  Email, Messenger and Retargeting. It is the best way to close a sale that did not convert before.

When you are developing your web assets, you need to build a system that will collect the data in the form of cookies and contacts.

The content that is created as a part of the content strategy, will get organic Reach on Search Engines and Social Media as well. Since Overall Organic reach to your list is less than 10% you have to use all the available Digital Marketing Platforms like Email Marketing, Messenger Marketing and Social Media retargeting.

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As soon as the content is posted on the Website and Social Media Channels, the same blog, video and infographic content should be sent to the email Subscribers, Messenger Subscribers and retarget all the people who have visited our web assets.
By doing this, you can save a lot of money by not reaching the wrong audience. Hence for converting your social media lists to loyal fans, your content should be shown only to the people who have shown interest in your product or services.

You can make your retargeting message impactful only when your content is personalized based on the specific target market. When a user visits your website through a search term, it shows that their intent is high level.

Hence, you need to show the same content with this search term in your next social media ads through different content in order to make your social media followers to brand advocates and improve sales conversion rates and ROI.

Here is the example –
Your content strategy begins with identifying the problems of the target audience. Once the problems are identified, create a blog/Video/Infographic content and show it to your list using paid and organic strategies.

Make your social media pages as the encyclopedia of your niche by frequently posting relevant images, videos,blog and infographics. Be the trusted educational partner of your niche through regular Social Media Postings.

Through this strategy, you will be able to convert social media lists to loyal Fans.
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