A selection of highly interactive webinars to learn about the trends and best practices in digital marketing. A fantastic way to build a foundation in digital marketing understanding and hone new digital skills.

Learn How To Become A Highly Paid & Certified DIGITAL MARKETER

Sharan Kulkarni
Digital Marketing Strategist & Coach

“This Webinar is 100% Beginner Friendly – doesn’t matter if you’re a student, working professional, or someone who wants to kickstart your Digital Marketing journey from scratch.

How we helped 20+ Trainers and Coaches to gain 350 – 1000 Webinar Participants

Sharan Kulkarni
Digital Marketing Strategist & Coach

“Learn the art of filling Webinar Rooms by using the power of social media marketing platforms and automation”

Self Service Selling for Trainers and Coaches

Sharan Kulkarni
Digital Marketing Strategist & Coach

“Learn How to Automate Sales & Marketing Communications using Messenger, Email and Workflow Automation”

Social Media
Strategy and Planning

Sharan Kulkarni
Digital Marketing Strategist & Coach

“Learn to develop a Social Media Strategy that will convert your Followers into Contracts.”

Facebook Messenger Automation Secrets That Are Generating Massive Leads & Sales

Ankith S
Content Marketing Consultant

“Learn How to Skyrocket your Leads & Sales by using the power of Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation for your business.”

How To Swell Up Your Sales On Social Media Via Effective Copywriting

Ankith S
Content Marketing Consultant

“Learn how to leverage the power of words to generate more clicks, sales, & profits.”

Want to harness the power of Digital Marketing through accelerated learning methodologies.

Are you getting confused as to how to acquire a successful career in Digital Marketing?

We heard you! It’s time for you to attend the free webinars offered by Digitechniks.

We understand that there are too many questions racing in your mind about our free webinars and that is the reason we are providing you with more information on the same.

Digital marketing is the boom in the technical industry opening up new opportunities for job aspirants. Webinars are real-time training sessions with video conferencing options and are wonderful tools to enlighten the digital marketing aspirants about the fundamentals of digital marketing. 

Webinars provide an insight on the various domains of digital marketing and showcases on the effectiveness of the training offered for digital marketing aspirants. The objective of the free webinars is to impart knowledge about various aspects of digital marketing beyond the classroom extending accessibility to any remote location. Our experienced trainers will be happy to share their knowledge on digital marketing trends and mentor you accordingly by suggesting the relevant course leading to a prospective career.

Our interactive live webinars helped us to connect with the aspirants in real-time guiding them with suitable career options. The free webinars of Digitechniks focus on the various digital transformations, innovations and ever-changing digital marketing trends. Our expert trainers ensure that the participants of the webinar understand the importance of methods and tactics to build effective brands through digital marketing. By providing clarity on these, our participants want to pursue a career in digital marketing with amazing confidence and clarity. Our webinars are also focused on digital marketers who need more guidance to gain expertise in the latest trends of digital marketing.

As you are all aware that Digital marketing is a booming career in the fast-paced industry and it is highly important to choose the correct strategy to become a successful digital marketer. The free webinar sessions equip the digital marketing aspirants to identify their interests and choose the relevant focus area based on Digital Media Strategy & Planning Webinar or Search Engine Strategy & Planning webinar.

We have chosen effective topics focusing on digital media strategy from scratch and allocating right budgets for the digital media platforms. Our goal is to teach you to grow and scale up your business by using various digital media planning strategies. Ensure that you register for the Digital Media strategy and planning webinar without fail to gain more insight as how to enhance your branding.

If your goal is to identify the potential customers from the search engines, then it is important that you focus on the KPI and KRAs of search engine marketing. This method will increase the performance and efficiency of your strategy to acquire new customers and expand your business. Our upcoming webinar on Search Engine Strategy and Planning will provide a detailed insight on the choice of spending on either SEO or SEM and strategies leading to effective growth hacking techniques.

What are you waiting for? Register for our webinars immediately and gain insight on effective and result oriented digital marketing strategies!

Meet Your Trainers

Hi! I am Sharan, 

I’m an Engineer turned Digital Marketing Strategist and Coach, now spearheading Digitechnicks as the founder & chief Digital Media strategist 

I come equipped with more than a decade of solid experience in this industry & have spent over 1000+ hours and over 6 Crores on various Digital Marketing Platforms. 1500+ Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals, Students, & Working Professionals have been mentored by me. I’ve also had the privilege of working with big names like Tony Robbins.

All that I achieved is because of my innate ability to craft winning strategies, build teams, & create automated systems that have helped innumerable businesses spanning across various verticals to get consistent positive ROI. 


I am on a MISSION  to create, mentor, & hone the next wave of professionals who can consistently create meaningful employment, add immense value to the marketplace, & can truly transform the lives of people they have been called to serve in the process.

Hi! I am Ankith,

I’m an Engineer turned Marketer, a part-time freelancer, now working as a Content Marketing & Strategy Consultant at Digitechniks

I’m deeply passionate about Copywriting & Marketing Automation. I have had the pleasure of working with brands spanning across several verticals & have generated a considerable amount of revenue & innumerable leads for my clients.

I am on a MISSION to create, mentor, & hone the next wave of marketing professionals who can consistently generate tangible results for businesses.

Are you finally ready to upgrade your marketing, scale up your business, serve your customers at the highest level, & generate more profits?