Solar Digital Systems Consultation

The Objective here to understand the issues you are facing in getting more sales, handling clients, and expanding your business. It could be a lack of marketing, systems, sales automation, follow-up systems, not knowing how to structure the sales process…. The list goes on.

Pay 3,000 and book the SOLAR strategy and Blueprint creation session

However, we have a set of questions that can help you narrow the issues down to the core.

Using these issues as a base we will design a solar sales funnel and give you a blueprint that you can execute to increase your solar sales conversions and at the same time know your projections.

This solar blueprint will help you acquire more solar clients in the residential or C& segment

Disclaimer: It’s no magic dust. So your solar sales will not shoot up overnight.

But with this structure and the solar blueprint we make on the call, you will always know where to start, what’s next, and how to handle it.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to convert solar clients and scale your solar business?

Don’t worry. We’re here to guide you all the way 🙂

Tap on the button below to book a discovery call & get unfiltered advice & game plan about your solar business from our Chief Digital Media Strategist & SOLAR subject matter expert.

Special price: Rs. 12,997/-  Rs. 3,000/-  Only

Pay 3,000 and book the SOLAR strategy and Blueprint creation session 

In this Solar Discovery Call, You will get


You get a funnel design to increase your business

  1. Lead Magnet Design
  2. Nurturing Content Design
  3. Tripwire Design
  4. Core Products Design
  5. Profit Maximisers Design

Here’s how it works:


You book a discovery call and we will give you the entire gameplan & blueprint over a span of 2 hours of how you can increase your solar business and convert more leads in the next 90 days.

How Can This Discovery Call Benefit My Solar Business?

The answer is simple – to generate a consistent & healthy stream of piping hot leads for your solar business. In this era of cutthroat competition, having a great product isn’t sufficient. You need to market your Solar Business in order to sustain & scale it.

Getting a consultation will help us formulate a tailor-made marketing game plan for your business, identify existing loopholes, & give you action points on what exactly needs to be done.

So the question is – Are you ready to take your Solar Business to the next level. If the answer is a resounding YES, then tap on the button to book your discovery call.

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!

Special price: Rs. 12,997/- Rs. 3,000/- Only

The Solar Digital Garage Advantage

Yes, there are 100s & 1000s of marketing agencies out there. BUT, what makes us uniquely qualified to serve your solar company is the fact that we have ample experience in our arsenal catering to solar Businesses, helping them establish a rock-solid presence online, generate qualified leads, & sales.

We remove the guesswork out of marketing by leveraging the right blend of technology, creativity, data, & cutting-edge marketing strategies to craft a battle-tested framework for you.

The results have been phenomenal & here’s a glimpse of it:


Meet Your Solar Specialist

Hi there! I am Amit Thussu

The CEO and Founder of Solar compare. I help solar companies plan, strategize, & accelerate their growth using my 14 years of experience in the solar industry, by understanding the behavior of the solar buyer using digital platforms.

I also come equipped with over 5 years of invaluable experience in the Digital Marketing Industry. My goal is to directly/indirectly impact 1,00,00,000 solar installations by 2024.

The only way I achieve this, I wholeheartedly believe, is to educate solar professionals on the power of leveraging digital media platforms in the right manner.

Actual price for the consultation: Rs 12,997/-

Special price: Rs. 3,000/- Only