Sample messages for LinkedIn profile visitors

Sample messages for LinkedIn profile visitors

LinkedIn being most powerful networking platform which helps to connect with billions of professionals across the globe. It does provides a unique range of opportunities to connect with Industry leaders of niche industry and the influencers.

It feels awesome when someone has viewed your profile. Yes, when you see this particular message on LinkedIn  “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”, how this can be an advantage for you guys and connect with those people. Profile views can be exciting for sales people as they get a new opportunity to connect with the people which can be the future customers.

Here is the trick:
Whenever someone views your profile here is what all you have to do:
This marvelous yet simple trick does the job to turn a profile view into a conversation.
Here is the sample message for a Profile visit:

Hi %firstname%
I noticed you visited my profile on LinkedIn. What brought you to my profile? Did I do something?

Probably wondering why this question “Did i do something?”
This prompts the recipient to explain exactly what made him visit the profile, and this information can provide a clear direction for the connection or a potential next interaction.

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This is considered to be a good approach to introduce yourself to new people and expand your connections.

Below mentioned is a sample which could be used when someone takes a look at your profile.

If Someone From a Company Viewed Your Profile:
This is the great opportunity if you are looking out for a new job. Go to the company website and check if they’re currently hiring for any positions that fall in line with your experience. If so apply and then get back to the person profile and send him a personalized message.
This could do the trick:

Hey %First name%,
Great to connect with you here!
I see you work as a Project Manager at Company X. I recently submitted my application for an open Account Executive position there, and am looking forward to finding out more about the opportunity—it seems like an awesome place!
%Your name%

 So, next time when you see this message on LinkedIn “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” don’t just click away without taking any action. Try using the sample message as mentioned above as it could help you connect.


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Top 10 linkedin invitation message samples

Top 10 linkedin invitation message samples

Every time you log in to your LinkedIn Profile you notice connection requests from other members wanting to connect with you. This could be from the Recruiters, your friends, and complete strangers.
But you could be probably wondering:

Why the exact same message pops up every time – “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”
 Isn’t it boring as you miss a chance to create a first impression, that you are keenly interested to network with. Most of the guys either don’t take advantage of this or not aware of, The LinkedIn customized feature lets you create personalized message each one of them whether it may be professionally or casually.

The 300 characters of the LinkedIn personalized message can make a great impression.

If you’re connecting with the person you know well then it’s great opportunity to reconnect and reinforce relationship. If you want to connect with the person whom you met at the industry event, then you have a wonderful opportunity with just one click away reminding of him/her how we met and to connect with them.

Here are some effective ways to write “ LinkedIn Invitation

As said the 300 characters is the only opportunity to create an impression when you want to connect, here are basic key elements that you need to give an eye while personalizing the message

  1. Spruce up your profile
    The first thing that’ll be seen is your Profile – make sure your profile picture looks professional and of a good quality. Make sure to update all the profile information. In Addition to that make sure to update employment history so you’re are not considered as a spammer.
  2. Personalize the Invitation
    Make sure to personalize the invitation specifically to the target. It is also important to mention how you know them and specify why you’d like to connect. This motivates the recipient more likely to accept the invitation and gives you chance to connect for future communications.
  3. Flatter the connectee
    Everybody loves to be flattered every now and then, isn’t it?
    Personalize the message with praising the person’s strengths and achievements. This is considered to very important as you could find it on their profile, so spare the time to do research.This can include any compliments you have about their company, their position or their experience.

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Here are the Top 10 LinkedIn Invitation Message Sample

1. A Colleague
Everyone loves to connect with their colleagues and get to know their strengths,projects that they have worked on and interests. This is a ideal way to grow a professional relationship with your colleagues. It may even be just the prompt they need to endorse you or write you a LinkedIn recommendation.Hi %Firstname%,

Although I’ve never gotten the chance to work with you directly, I’ve heard rave reviews about your sales techniques and ability to work with tough clients. Hopefully one of these days I can see you in action! ’Til then, I’ll catch you in the break room.

%Your name%

2. A New Colleague
It’s always a tough time to get along the new teammates. It’s a great way to send the Linkedin invitations and let them know that you’re looking forward to working with them.Hi %Firstname%,I’m so happy to have been able to join your agency. I look forward to being part of such an innovative and dynamic group, and I’m excited to be able to contribute. See you around the office!All the Best,
%Your name%

3. A Former Co-worker
The best way to connect with the co-worker of your’s is to give quick reminder on when, where and how you have worked with them. This ables to strike a right chord and reconnect with them on a professional level.Hi, %Firstname%,It was a pleasure to have been able to work together at XYZ Agency from 2005 to 2011. The office wouldn’t have been the same without your knack for dealing with tough clients! Maybe someday we can meet up for coffee – I’d love to hear about your new job at ABC Agency.Hope all is well,
%Your name%

4. Someone You Want to Work With
LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity if you want to connect with a person with particular skills set to contribute and work along with you on a project. Let the intentions be clear and offer the future course of actions and make sure if the person is interested.Hi %Firstname%,I saw the projects you did for XYZ Agency, and I’m impressed with your work. My business is looking to work on a similar strategy, and your skills would be a great help. Let me know if you’re interested in working together – I can be reached at,
%Your name%

5. A Recruiter
I am sure recruiters would have a maximum number of connection requests. They would never bother to have a look at your profile. LinkedIn personalized message helps you out. Be sure to mention how do you know on this professional network and would be an advantage if share your strengths and skills, and to give some background information on your career experience, in order to show how you could be an asset for their company.Hi %Firstname%,I see that you work with ABC Agency – I’m also in the marketing industry, and I’ve been working professionally in the field for five years. If you have time, I’d love to talk about whether my background would make me a fit for any openings in your office.Thanks!
All the Best,

6. Someone You Met at a Networking Event
It’s a great opportunity to connect with the person that you met at a networking event.Give them a reason for connecting – whether you want to meet to trade tips, help with projects or meet other people in the field, mention that in your request.Dear %Firstname% ,It was great speaking to you at the XYZ Conference in last month. The mapping and charting work you do for airports sounded fascinating! I’d definitely like to stay up-to-date on your career.Thank you,
%Your name%

7. Someone You Know Casually
The main reason for LinkedIn is to connect with people professionally. For people you know more a personal basis, it’s okay to use casual tone.Hi %Firstname%,It was great meeting you at XYZ dinner party recently. If you have the chance, I’d love to get in touch and hear more about what you do at XYZ Agency.All the Best,
%Your name%

8. Someone You Admire
It always great to reach to the person whom you admire, but make sure to include some brief background information and also mention who you are and why you want to connect and at last don’t forget the reason for connecting.

Hi %Firstname%,I’ve been following your work with ABC Agency for the past year, and I’m impressed with all you’ve accomplished. I’d love to hear more about your work – if you have some time, I’d be interested in speaking to you about how you got to your current position.Thanks,
%Your name%

9.Someone in the Same LinkedIn Group
When you are trying to connect to the member of the Linkedin group, make sure to mention that you’re both part of that group. Additionally, take the time to provide a personalized reason as to why you’re connecting with them specifically and also appreciate their work.Hi %Firstname%,I’m also a member of the XYZ Marketing LinkedIn group and I always find your posts to be incredibly helpful and thought-provoking. I’d love to be able to keep in touch and hear more about your work.All the Best,
%Your name%

10. An Alumnus
Connect to the person with the sense of school spirit.Introduce yourself with some background information on your professional experience and goals. Don’t forget to mention the reason for connecting.Hi %Firstname%,I saw you graduated from NYU. I’m currently in my senior year there, and I’m excited to earn my degree (I’m sure you recall the feeling!). If you have time, maybe we can meet up to discuss your role at XYZ Agency – as a fellow marketer, I’d love to hear more about what you do.Thanks,
%Your name%

So next time when you send connection request on LinkedIn make sure to personalize it. Using the tips and templates mentioned will be beneficial. 

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