LinkedIn being most powerful networking platform which helps to connect with billions of professionals across the globe. It does provides a unique range of opportunities to connect with Industry leaders of niche industry and the influencers.

It feels awesome when someone has viewed your profile. Yes, when you see this particular message on LinkedIn  “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”, how this can be an advantage for you guys and connect with those people. Profile views can be exciting for sales people as they get a new opportunity to connect with the people which can be the future customers.

Here is the trick:
Whenever someone views your profile here is what all you have to do:
This marvelous yet simple trick does the job to turn a profile view into a conversation.
Here is the sample message for a Profile visit:

Hi %firstname%
I noticed you visited my profile on LinkedIn. What brought you to my profile? Did I do something?

Probably wondering why this question “Did i do something?”
This prompts the recipient to explain exactly what made him visit the profile, and this information can provide a clear direction for the connection or a potential next interaction.

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This is considered to be a good approach to introduce yourself to new people and expand your connections.

Below mentioned is a sample which could be used when someone takes a look at your profile.

If Someone From a Company Viewed Your Profile:
This is the great opportunity if you are looking out for a new job. Go to the company website and check if they’re currently hiring for any positions that fall in line with your experience. If so apply and then get back to the person profile and send him a personalized message.
This could do the trick:

Hey %First name%,
Great to connect with you here!
I see you work as a Project Manager at Company X. I recently submitted my application for an open Account Executive position there, and am looking forward to finding out more about the opportunity—it seems like an awesome place!
%Your name%

 So, next time when you see this message on LinkedIn “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” don’t just click away without taking any action. Try using the sample message as mentioned above as it could help you connect.


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