The 5-Day Social Media Growth Series LIVE Training

Learn the exact fail-proof system that we use for our clients to convert their social media contacts to contracts without playing the guesswork game or spending a ton of money

Convert your social media contacts (i.e Fans/Followers) into Contracts by eliminating the guesswork out of social media, once & for all

Join X+ Business Owners, Working Professionals, Students, & Entrepreneurs Who Have Successfully Launched & Scaled Businesses Profitably on Social Media at a Minimal Investment

Here’s how you are going to master our Battle-Tested System in the 5-Day LIVE Social Media Growth Series Training.



Understand How to Launch, Brand, and Scale your Business on Social Media Marketing Platforms



Learn How to Research, Ideate, Create and Distribute the Social Media Content to Convert Contact to Contracts



Learn How to Generate Leads using the power of Facebook and Instagram


 Learn How to Strategize, Plan and Execute omni channel Digital Marketing Strategy


Learn the art of Social Media Ad Copy and Descriptions Writing that Sells

High-Valued Exclusive Bonuses


Facebook Ads Implementation Training

(Valued at 2999/-) FREE

Stop cursing Mark Zuckerberg about high ad costs & instead learn how to leverage Facebook Ads profitably for your Business


Lifetime Mentorship Community Access

(Valued at 4999/-) FREE

Get all your marketing-related queries answered by our team of experts


Linkedin B2B Lead Generation Training

(Valued at 999/-) FREE

Learn How to consistently generate qualified B2B Leads using the Power of Linkedin


Integrated Digital Marketing Approach Training

(Valued at 999/-) FREE

Learn how to craft an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy that gives a bird’s eye view of your marketing efforts

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How does the 5-Day Training Work?


The Social Media Growth Series has 5 LIVE training sessions by 2 mentors (Mr. Sharan Kulkarni & Mr. Ankith S)


All the 5 Sessions are LIVE (one each day) at 07:00 PM. Each session is for a duration of 2 hours. So that’s a total of 5*2 hours = 10 hours of actionable training.


Recorded Video: Post completion of the 5 days, you get lifetime access to a learning management system(LMS) containing session recordings of all the 5 days which you can watch anytime in the day at your convenience & execute the task given.


Q&A support is available for lifetime via our Facebook group. Our team directly replies to your questions in the Facebook group.

Meet Your Mentors

Hi! I am Sharan, 

I’m an Engineer turned Digital Marketing Strategist and Coach, now spearheading Digitechnicks as the founder & chief Digital Media strategist 

I come equipped with more than a decade of solid experience in this industry & have spent over 1000+ hours and over 6 Crores on various Digital Marketing Platforms. 1500+ Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals, Students, & Working Professionals have been mentored by me. I’ve also had the privilege of working with big names like Tony Robbins.

All that I achieved is because of my innate ability to craft winning strategies, build teams, & create automated systems that have helped innumerable businesses spanning across various verticals to get consistent positive ROI. 


I am on a MISSION  to create, mentor, & hone the next wave of professionals who can consistently create meaningful employment, add immense value to the marketplace, & can truly transform the lives of people they have been called to serve in the process.

Hi! I am Ankith,

I’m an Engineer turned Marketer, a part-time freelancer, now working as a Content Marketing & Strategy Consultant at Digitechniks

I’m deeply passionate about Copywriting & Marketing Automation. I have had the pleasure of working with brands spanning across several verticals & have generated a considerable amount of revenue & innumerable leads for my clients.

I am on a MISSION to create, mentor, & hone the next wave of marketing professionals who can consistently generate tangible results for businesses.

So now, you have a choice to make


The DO IT YOURSELF approach. Yes, you can sit & learn all the systems, tools, strategies, processes, & frameworks yourself. But this takes a lot of investment in time, money, resources. In addition to this, there’s a ton of trial & error involved.


Save a ton of time, energy, & money by learning how to leverage Social Media profitably from agency folks (yours truly). Keep in mind that we’ve been doing this for years together & we’ve consistently generated RESULTS.

You Are Not the First One to Experience this Amazing LIVE Training,

More Than 1000 People Have Learnt How To Successfully Monetize Their Social Media Marketing Efforts Within 5 Days

At the moment, you’re getting this 5-Day Social Media Growth Series LIVE training together with bonuses worth Rs.9,996 (only if you register before February 05th, 2021) for just Rs.499/- which is less than the price of a pizza

Like it was mentioned earlier…

This will be a game-changer for you if you want to start or scale your online business.

To Your Success,

Sharan Kulkarni

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the page, here’s the deal:

Social Media isn’t just about making a Content Calendar, creating content & posting it regularly hoping that a fraction of people who see it might convert someday. Trust me, it’s way beyond that!

And if you’ve decided to go down the Google Ads route, it will bleed your wallet like there’s no tomorrow. (Harsh, but true!)

Today, you get everything you need to systematically convert your Social Media contacts to paying contracts — at ONLY Rs.499 right now.

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