2 Step Copywriting Process That Sells

2 Step Copywriting Process That Sells


Words make all the differences in digital marketing…

Yes, you heard it right! The relevance of copywriting is inevitable in the context of digital marketing and to rightly attract your customers to buy your brands.
It acts as a significant channel of B2C communication which ignites and triggers their need to buy your products or services or subscribe to emails or get updated on new product launches.

The role of copywriting differs at each stage of the sales funnel, be it for your ads, brochures, websites, and emails or on social media platforms. To amass a huge number of traffic to your site, you need to know the tricks and tips to craft a winning copy that intrigue your prospects.
Yes, you do not want just any copy that confuses and not fruitful to your customers, but use that little bit of wisdom on your contents implementing the right tools to make your “contacts to contracts” and achieve higher sales conversion rates.

Copywriting isn’t an easy pie to make. It demands a tremendous thought process to present the right copy in front of your target audiences. Right from defining your prospects to crafting an attractive sales letter, it swims around the sales funnel as an undeniable skill to be mastered by every aspiring digital marketer!

Copywriting to a greater extent can be based on Cause Marketing, wherein your content/sales copy fulfills the dual purpose of increasing profits while fulfilling the personalized needs of each target audience. 
For instance, determining what exactly you have to offer to your prospects sums up the first step in crafting an ideal copywriting. In fact, it has to act as a bridge between what you offer and what personally each customer segment need from a brand.  

You have to decide what is the brand voice and what tone would you ideally present? Will it resonate with your each segmented prospect?
Creating value is what should be the intention of your copywriting. Keeping your copy simple and snackable delivers an ascension path enabling customers to easily move through your funnel.

Uses of Copywriting

  • It directly attract and create Qualified leads
  • Support Telemarketing & Customer Service
  • Create physical and online store traffic
  • Stimulate referrals and word of mouth marketing and thereby customers share content in social media, send emails to friends and others.
  • While introducing new products and services to new and past clients
  • An effective tool helpful in selling directly by direct mail or marketing
  • Clearly communicate business and personal messages
  • Create PDF reports, blogs and other key content pieces.
  • For preparing Sales letters

Steps for a Good Copywriting

2 Step Copywriting Process That Sells


Copywriting isn’t just simply scribbling your ideas and thoughts and presenting your copy in front of your customers. It ends up in wasting your resources, time and effort which delivers nothing but creates confusing message to your customers.
You should have a clear intention to convince your customers to move ahead the funnel and be a loyal fan. For this, the copywriter needs to know the product well, write out multiple drafts, rework, test and refine.


Want to break a leg in the digital arena? The real recipe to create a killing copy is to do smart market diagnosis and find out profiling questions that fulfils the audience needs in the form of products or services that you offer.
You need to know what your client is struggling with, their nightmares and solve it with informative and interesting content to make their life easier.
Project the customer is the actual game changer! Assess what emotions they are feeling and trigger emotions you want them to feel.
Also you need to know what will delight the customer-something very personal that is meaningful to them. Rank your emotional trigger words and use highest value words in marketing. The ideal way is to know unmet needs of customers. Now you know their exact trigger point of needs and preferences.
It is crucial to use words that offer people something they already want and connect it to your solution. A copywriter can use copy points from competitors/peers. List the best ones and relevantly use the ideal words for each customer stage in the sales funnel.
Create a fact sheet of at least 100 items. It includes all the facts about the market, product, and objections and how you can fulfil customer objections. The best way is to start content with a benefit, then go deeper level in to benefit within a benefit and then even deeper level. Thus making your customer feel they get only benefits and nothing less from the brands you offer.
Once you are succeeded in grabbing the reader’s attention, you almost win the crown there! If you could impress the audience in your problem solving glory with the attractive headline and well-crafted introduction, you need to sign off with a call to action to let them know why it is necessary to buy now than later.

With the headlines and conclusion, create an urgency of action where they literally look for your products in the next moment itself and ready to buy it even if multiple substitutes are available in the market.
As a successful digital marketer, copywriting tops the list as one of the most prominent skills you will ever learn in your marketing journey. We at Digitechniks gives you a unique platform to improve your career prospects, attain a higher competitive edge and equip you with the art of copywriting to win sales and learn valuable digital skills to run your business successfully.  


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3 Key Roles Of A World-Class Digital Marketing Team

3 Key Roles Of A World-Class Digital Marketing Team

Do you know what separates a winning & super successful Business over just a regular one?
Every successful Business follows the Customer Value Optimization process. 
In a nutshell, Customer Value Optimization boils down to three core principles.
I.e There are only 3 ways to grow any Business (whether online or offline):

  • Increase the number of customers
  • Increase the average transaction value per customer
  • Increase the number of transactions per customer

CVO involves building a Funnel rather than just directly selling products to your prospects.
Most Businesses directly push their products/services to prospects & end up hardly making any sales, let alone profits & margins.
Just because your offer (product/service) solves the problem of your target audience & helps them achieve their wants & aspirations, doesn’t mean they will buy it from you immediately.
It’s like approaching an unknown girl in the bar & asking her to marry you.. The answer will most certainly be a NO. (Unless you’re Brad Pitt of course :p)
Well, we’re not telling you to stop marketing your offer to your audience, we just want to establish trust by strategically communicating with your target audience.
If you overcome these two doubts, you’re pretty much a marketing monster (give yourself a pat on the back!):

  • Prospects doubt in you or your brand
  • Prospects doubt in themselves (This is the biggest hurdle marketers have to overcome)

In the CVO Funnel, trust is established via Lead Magnets & Tripwires.
Here’s how the CVO Funnel looks like:


3 Key Roles Of A World-Class Digital Marketing Team

Most Business make the mistake of directly selling the core offer.  

This is a recipe for disaster.

How can you expect someone to buy a high ticket item from you, when they don’t trust you & have objections?

Your budgets will be exhausted & your profit margins will be reduced if your directly sell without building a funnel.

Without a proper funnel, it’s not possible to make your Business profitable in the long term. Period.

Hence, it’s essential to build the CVO funnel for your Business to not only gain the trust of your prospects, but to also crank up those profit margins.

Think about it.. It’s a win-win situation.

We’ve told you how the CVO Funnel works and the steps involved.

Now let’s get into hardcore execution mode wherin we teach you the exact three step process to build an unshakable CVO Funnel (aka the 3 Key Roles Of A World Class Digital Marketing Team):

Step 1: List Building Using a Lead Magnet

Lead magnet is an ethical bribe that offers a specific chunk of value to a specific audience in exchange for their contact information.

The goal here is to over deliver and offer something of super-high value to your prospects in order to build trust and establish authority.

Ebooks, swipe files, checklists, templates are great lead magnet examples. The main quality of a lead magnet lies in its specificity.

Lead Magnet Example:

3 Key Roles Of A World-Class Digital Marketing Team

Don’t keep it long and boring.
Instead, it should be laser-focused to a specific audience & solve a specific problem they have.
A hyper-specific lead increases the quality of leads & actually gets consumed.
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Step 2: Nurturing List Through Content Marketing

The goal in this step is to strategically create and distribute content to people who have already consumed your Lead Magnet.

The retargeting is done as we have their contact information & cookie data.

Deploy a rock-solid content marketing strategy keeping in mind the fears/frustrations, wants/aspirations of your target audience.

The objective is to tailor your content in such a way that customers convince themselves to buy your product.

This can be done using the Before/After grid.

Here’s an example of someone who takes up our flagship Integrated Digital Marketing Certification program:

3 Key Roles Of A World-Class Digital Marketing Team

Your content should clearly communicate how your offer(product/service) will help them move from a “Before” state to a desired “After” state.

This is what all great marketers do.

Once the platform-specific content has been created, distribute it across all the platforms. (Facebook, Messenger, SMS, Email, etc….)

Step 3: Convert Loyal Fans To Contracts Using Tripwire

At this point, your prospects have given their contact information & consumed your content.
In other words, they have developed certain trust in you.
Now it’s time you ask them to take certain action (i.e buy your product or service).
This is when the Tripwire comes into the picture.
The tripwire is a super-low-ticket offer (usually 1$ – 20$) that exists for one & only one reason: To convert lead/prospect into a buyer.
Simply put, tripwire changes the relationship.
Tripwire examples: 14 day free trial of a saas product, free/paid webinars, etc….
The Big brands have realised that there is nothing more important than a list of buyers/customers.
Hence, the importance of this step cannot be stressed enough.
If you execute all these 3 steps meticulously, your buyers will eventually become your Brand Advocates & buy from you again & again.
Thus, the Customer Lifetime Value increases & you can spend this profit to acquire more customers & funnel them again.
In a nutshell, you’ll have an army of raving fans who are willing and able to spend dollars on your products and services.
What else does a Business need, to be successful long term? Right?
It’s every Business Owner/Entreprenuer’s fantasy! (no offence)
Do you want to know the proven step-by-step frameworks & templates to execute the CVO process like a breeze?
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