The demand for digital marketing jobs is at an all-time high. It’s not only one of the most coveted job roles in India currently, but a lucrative one too.

Numbers show that the digital marketing industry is fast leaving behind many other sectors regarding growth — 40% Year on Year to be specific. And, businesses are spending on digital advertising more than ever. Overall, this looks like the ideal time to jump into a digital marketing career. But the question is: Do you have what it takes to be a successful digital marketer?

To answer this question, we need first to clear specific flawed ideas and misconceptions that float around the concept of digital marketing as a career.

First of all, it would be a mistake to treat digital marketing like any other job. That’s mostly because there’s no beaten path for you to break into this career — no formal degree or college education like MBA or Engineering where you learn specific concepts and apply them in your work.
While you may not require a college degree to become a digital marketer, you do need to possess certain qualities to ace this field. Most important of all, you need an analytical mindset along with an enormous amount of creativity and the ability to think out-of-the-box. From what we have observed, these are the qualities that most digital marketers lack.

Secondly, the popular perception of digital marketers as “Online Entrepreneurs,” and people who “make money while they sleep,” or “make money on autopilot while chilling on the beach” has been blown out of proportion by the media. The hard truth is, it is possible to achieve all this, but it takes tons of sweat, unwavering focus, and steely determination to get there.

What’s making things worse

What Separates A Successful Digital Marketer From The Rest Of The Herd

Digital marketing is an incredibly fast-paced industry. The trends, tools, and best practices keep changing from time to time. Things that are relevant today might no longer work tomorrow. The flurry of updates and algorithm changes will keep you on your toes.

Only innovative thinkers who can adapt to such rapid changes can survive in this field. This is one of the main reasons many digital marketers switch careers. They find it hard to cope with this ever-evolving industry where whatever they have learned so far can be turned on its head almost overnight. This is also the reason why this field requires lifelong learning and implementation. Someone without the drive or determination to be a learner for life may not be cut out for this career.
Because digital marketing includes multiple niches and sub-niches, you cannot learn a single skill and hope to make it work. Even specializing in one aspect of digital marketing is not enough. This is a mistake that aspiring digital marketers make. For example, someone who walks into this career with the knowledge of search engine optimization but lacks content creation skills will eventually fail to make it in the long run.

Again, there’s the problem of information overload. With too much information and too many resources available online, an aspiring digital marketer always runs the risk of picking a bit of ill-formed advice or learning the wrong things.

 What you can do

What Separates A Successful Digital Marketer From The Rest Of The Herd

If you have the qualities that we discussed above and you’re interested in making digital marketing your career knowing what it takes to be here, it’s time to move on to the next step: Becoming a well-rounded integrated digital marketer.

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An integrated digital marketer is well-versed with all the niches and sub-niches of internet marketing and has practical knowledge about applying these concepts to create cohesive strategies for his/her clients. For an integrated digital marketer, there are no loose ends — they understand how all aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, and marketing automation work together as a unified force.

The online marketing landscape is witnessing the advent of new channels constantly. For example, Snapchat wasn’t as popular a few years ago. But today, for a specific type of businesses, Snapchat is proving to be an active marketing channel. At the same time, consumers are increasingly demanding a seamless and consistent experience across all channels. This is why to survive and grow businesses, and digital marketers alike have to take a more strategic and integrated approach.
This is precisely what our Integrated Digital Marketing Certification Program trains you in. This comprehensive course helps you learn about almost all the significant digital marketing skills while preparing you for the current needs as well as future possibilities of your business or that of your clients through hands-on learning techniques.That means you not only get to learn the theory but also learn to apply the method in real-life scenarios.

Here’s what one of our students, a digital marketing professional, has to say about our mentor and trainer, Sharan Kulkarni and the training he received from him:

What Separates A Successful Digital Marketer From The Rest Of The Herd

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