9 Growth Hacking Chrome Plugins
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9 Growth Hacking Chrome Plugins

Coca-cola, Airbnb, Apple, and Amazon. Do you know what’s common among all these companies?

Yes, they’re all massively successful.

But do you know why exactly?

It’s because they have developed a system that generates revenue on autopilot. The “System” we’re talking here about is a standard operating procedure at the back end.

Consider Ola for example. It’s the largest car-rental company in the world but owns zero cars(no inventory).

Sounds intriguing, right?

Apple outsources almost all of iPhone’s hardware development to Asian and European countries. But the iPhone is a brand in itself!

At this point, you might be wondering as to how all this is related to growth hacking and plugins.

Hold on tight because down below you’ll know exactly why.

Digital Marketing changes at the blink of an eye. With the plethora of tools, etc., it becomes mind blogging at a certain point to stay updated with the industry.

The reason why Fortune 500 brands are so successful is that they focus on the things that matter. In other words, they manage their time well to boost productivity.

You can apply the same principles to your business as well, no matter how large or small.

This is where the term ‘Growth Hacking’ comes into the picture.

Growth Hacking is an unconventional method to grow and scale a business efficiently that involves rapid experimentation. It saves a lot of time.

And in the business world TIME = MONEY.

If you’re a Best Digital Marketer looking forward to boosting your productivity and save a ton of time, you’ve come to the right place.

The following chrome plugins will help you to do so.

Now let’s get started!

#1: Snovio

Find emails on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or some other websites and send them out of Snovio Chrome Extension.

Basically, it sends out the collected emails right from the chrome extension itself.

  •    Has an email verifier
  •    Doesn’t interfere with other email extracting chrome

#2: Woorank

This tool is utilized to learn the health of one’s own website. It supplies a health score of one’s site and allows you to realise how well it’s assembled with SEO parameters.

Additionally, it helps us to understand how well your competitor’s website is assembled and the way you’re able to outrank them.

After you click the WooRank extension, the extension opens a popup having a search engine optimization analysis of the site covering a range of factors.

  •    Detailed SEO report
  •    Covers mobile & local SEO

#3: Sniply 

This extension can help you to add your own call-to-action (CTA) onto almost any website of your choice.

You can embed custom messages into articles from Problogger(https://problogger.com/), Neil Patel (https://www.neilpatel.com), or just about anywhere!

  •   Seamless integration with platforms like LinkedIn, Hootsuite, etc.
  •    Useful for lead capturing and list building
  •   Conversion & engagement tracking
  •    Ryte.ly

#4: Kimono

This is a very new plugin in the market that transforms your site into a structured APIs right from your browser.

  •   No prior coding knowledge required
  •    Fast and easy to use

#5: Ninja Outreach Lite

This is the go-to plugin to boost your outreach efforts and prospecting capabilities.

  •    Advanced Data Mining
  •    Note taking
  •    Viewing RSS feed of a blog

#6: Keywords Everywhere

This is a no-nonsense SEO extension power-packed with some fantastic features.

When a search query is entered in the search bar of Google, this tool shows key metrics like:

  •    Search volume(monthly)
  •    Cost-per-click(CPC)
  •    Competition
  •    Can be integrated with Google search console
  •    Keyword data of Related searches instantly available

#7: Flikover

This is the only paid-plugin we’ll be covering in this article. Flikover is a group-buy service, i.e., A bunch of people pay & get access to a variety of tools.

Go to flikover.com signup, make the payment and download the plugins. You get two plugins that have to be installed manually to your browser (It’s a simple process).

Once this is done, you get access to premium versions of tools like:

  •    SEMrush
  •    Moz
  •    Ahrefs
  •    Lynda
  •    Wordai
  •    Canva
  •    Keyword Revealer
  •    Animoto

Note: Flikover is a monthly subscription service & is nominally priced at around 1200 rupees.

#8: Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder

Tired of using separate tools for taking screenshots and recording screen? If yes, then this tool is a must-have.

  •    Entire webpage or just a portion of it can be captured
  •    Screenshots and recordings can be edited


#9: LinkedIn Helper 

We’ve saved the best one for the last! LinkedIn is of massive importance especially if you’re in the B2B industry.

This plugin can be used to automate tasks on your profile such as:

  •    Collecting, selecting and inviting 2nd & 3rd-degree connections
  •    Auto-visiting of profiles you’re connected to
  •    Broadcast messages to all your connections

Pro tip: This plugin comes with a 14 day trial period. Once the trial ends, you can open LinkedIn in incognito mode and use the plugin( This hack works only on windows 8.1 !)

Over to you:

In this Digital era, time is perhaps the most significant asset. Using the tools mentioned above will certainly make your life easier by letting you focus on the important stuff.

Too many chrome extensions can hurt your productivity.

Make sure you pick the ones that’ll help you with your business objectives & projects.

Now it’s time for you to take action. Have we missed out on anything?

Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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