Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore
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Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore

The world is indeed going digital with Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, 3D printing and what not. Digital transformation is being supported by governments all over the world. In this kind of demanding situation, it becomes essential to equip oneself with the latest new age technical skills. One such skill that has changed the face of marketing is Digital marketing – a skill to behold, especially by the new age entrepreneurs and businessmen. The only platform which allows businessmen to approach their customers rather than wait for the customers is to reach is via the digital platform – website, social media platforms, search engines, all platforms where one can target their relevant set of audience easily

But how does one acquire these skills and to what extent are the courses that are offered reliable, given the fact that everyday several such institutes mushroom at every  nook and corner of the city.

Given below are a list of basic hygiene factors that are to be kept in mind in selecting the Institute if one wants to reap good benefits out of a digital marketing course:

  1. Renowned or Well Known – The extent to which the institute is easily recalled and recognized by people is the first step to begin with. An institute or a brand should become the face of the industry. Like Xerox or Google, which have become generic for the type of product. Similarly, the place with whose help, one wants to gain mastery over a skill should be a leader in the category
  2. Course Structure – the next step is to make sure that the content being provided as part of the course material is relevant and matching the expectations. This depends on why one wants to pursue digital marketing. Picking up skills that may not be of any use for one’s growth is a sheer waste of time, efforts and money. It is also essential to make sure that structure being provided are of industry standard
  3. Pedagogy – How will the course be delivered? Would be a classroom teaching or complete on-line learning. There is no best way of deciding which is more efficient per se. A more logical approach on this factor is to take into account if one can dedicate the required time. If so, classroom learning is suitable, if not, an interactive, live, online session is the next best alternative.
  4. Faculty – Has to be someone who has carved a niche for himself or herself by exploring 360 degrees about the topic and has been able to successfully implement the same. Their background, skill set, experience are all important factors to consider. Reading up about the faculty and perhaps even browsing through their LinkedIn profiles or social media pages provides a good understanding on the extent to which they are well-versed.
  5. Certifications – the institute must help obtain certifications that are demanded by the industry such as Google AdWords – AdWords search certification, AdWords video certification, AdWords display, Analytics certification,  Facebook Blueprint Certification, Hootsuite Social Marketing certification and many more
  6. Reviews & Testimonials – despite all the publicity and advertising, word of mouth is one of the popular ways of judging the worth. On digital platforms, reviews play the role of conveying the customer satisfaction. Take time to read them in detail to understand the personalized value that is being delivered. Articles and blogs are other good sources of information to evaluate a place of learning
  7. Practical Application – Marketing as a skill requires human interaction. Therefore, theoretical knowledge of concepts without practical application does not yield any results. So choose an institute which is willing to handhold for at least a certain duration of time. It is also a plus point if the institute is able to provide internships post the course
  8. Course Fees and Other Financial Aspects – last but not the least is to check if the fees of the course suits one’s budget. Some institutes also offer financial assistance or flexibility with the payment.

Digiteckniks, spearheaded by a well-experienced, expert digital marketing consultant and trainer, is one such premier digital marketing training agency in Bengaluru. The institute offers two courses on Integrated Digital Marketing Certification Program and certificate program in Social Media Marketing. With 66 hours of online training and 10 strategy templates, it is the ultimate course designed for anyone interested in exploring the power of digital marketing. The practical approach of imparting proven strategies along with strong foundations of the basic concepts is a distinguishing feature offered in comparison to other centers. Also the 75-80% practical approach with opportunities of internships lives up to the institute’s objective of creating employable and industry-ready digital marketing professionals.

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Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  I have attended a lot of digital marketing trainings previously. But the way Sharan had shared his views on digital marketing & the way he took the workshop throughout was really unique. The session was useful for me & helped me to understand the current social media marketing trends. Keep up the good work guys!

    thumb rajeev maddy
  • review rating 5  I attended a workshop recently, it was worth the time. And built new connections, so happy that i invested my time and trust in them. Thanks a lot. Keep going..

    thumb Priyanka Bhat
  • review rating 5  I had an encouraging experience after attending the workshop. Sharan sir is energetic, smart, and absolutely a well learned personality. He has delivered more than what I expected in 3 hours workshop... "Anybody can do digital marketing but understanding the ecosystem of digital world in different platforms can make you the best digital marketer for tomorrow" This point is drilled inside my brain😄 Thank you sir.. It was my honour to meet you. And you are one my inspiration ❤️

    thumb Gilz Glam
  • review rating 5  The workshop I have attended was an eye opener for me. As an amateur in digital marketing, it gave me insight about how digital marketing plays an important role in soaring the profits of the company. Just 3 hours brought me so much of treasure in the form of knowledge and I believe a complete course can turn an amateur into finished product in no time.

    thumb Raghavendra G
  • review rating 5  Sharan Sir did a wonderful job and conducted a very informative workshop. He is the one who can guide best the ones ready to plunge in the digital marketing pool. 😊👍

    thumb Aishwarya Roy