Building social media followers is one of the greatest and most effective digital marketing strategies to build your brand and enhance ROI.
Studies say that 71% of consumers/social media followers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.
For Social Proof you need a good number of social media followers and reviews. Studies show that 97% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. Hence, social proof is necessary for building your brand image.
So, keep in mind that your most crucial social media strategy is to enhance your social media followers and then convert them into your loyal fans.

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However, without the presence of the relevant followers in your niche, your social media strategies and content strategy will go in vain, causing you many losses in your business.
So growing social media followers would indeed help the business to grow their customer base and sales on the online platforms.
If you don’t have enough audience on Social Media Pages, prospective customers will hesitate to buy from you.
If you don’t have an audience who is not eagerly waiting for your content, then these are the consequences:

  1. Less Engagement as you are reaching the wrong audience
  2. Less Engagement gives a negative signal to algorithms of the Social Media Platforms
  3. This Leads to Lesser Organic Reach for all future posts on Social Media Platforms
  4. This will also kill the presence of your Social Media Platforms

Here are the 5 growth hacks to build your relevant Social Media Followers  –

1. Run a Loyal Fan Contests

A loyal fan contest is a contest to get genuine social media followers. These followers  would interact and get engaged with your contests and this is how your contests will reach out to more people and that will get you many new followers too.
Your contest strategy includes the specific target audience research and find out their aspirations.
The content for the contest has to address the pain points or aspirations of the target group.
Giveaway should be something which is in the bucket list of your Target Group or any necessary thing for them and then set rules for the contest to make them follow your Social Media Pages.
Once you decide your giveaway, promote this across social media channels where the cost per reach is minimal. For example –  Promote it on FB and Instagram
Example Contest – Iva bags Fan Page Contest

5 Growth Hacks To Build Relevant Social Media Followers


In this contest(above), the target audience was all the assumed Set of people who were girls and women interested in buying “trendy bags”.
When they were offered this free trendy bag, they were asked to like the page, tag their friends, share the message on social media.
This is how they were able to reach out to the friends and followers of the people who were interacting with the contest and in result they got many organic and loyal followers who would always wait for such contests.
Expert tip – Once your contest is over then you need to retarget all the engaged followers and website custom audience with your core content to make them your brand advocates. This is how the word of mouth about your brand will increase and so more sales and more loyal customers..

2. Run Paid Facebook Like Campaign

Running paid facebook like campaigns is one of the most effective ways to increase the followers. Before running the paid facebook like campaigns you need to identify the people who might be interested in your brand as well as in the posts you share on social media.
All you have to do is create Images, Carousel or a video advertisements to communicate the benefit of following your social media pages

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Expert tip – For your paid like campaigns, the below mentioned audience should be targeted

  1. All the people who have engaged with you web assets and not followed your page 
  2. Facebook and Instagram Engaged Fans who have not followed your pages  
  3. Databases that you have collected from all your marketing activities excluding the people who have followed the page 
  4. Lookalikes of your existing customers and leads who have not liked your Social Media Pages

3. Share your Social Media Pages on all the Social Media Groups and Forums

Social media groups and forums are the best sources to enhance your follower base. Hence, share your social media posts as your page in the related groups and forums of your niche in order to get more visits to your social media pages and communicate the benefit for following your social Media Pages.

4. Integrate Social Media Follow Icons on all your web assets

Integrate Social Media icons on all your web assets is one of the effective methods to increase traffic to your social media platforms.
When you add social media profile links to web assets, the users can easily navigate to your social media channels to know more about your business, contact you and to share your content. In this process many people will follow your social media pages to get updates about the offerings and knowledge you share there.

5 Growth Hacks To Build Relevant Social Media Followers

Incorporating these buttons into your site shouldn’t just be a case of copying the standard Facebook, Twitter and YouTube logos and cramming them into an empty corner. Instead, try to blend them seamlessly into your brand and website design

5. Provoke your Existing audience to Share, Comment and like

In your Video and Blog content , incentivize or provoke people to like,comment and share. This will help you to attract the Social Media Friends of your  followers.
Having a good number of comments, shares and likes is the key for getting higher organic reach.
When you get more likes and comments, your business becomes more legitimate to the people and it is more likely to get prioritised when facebook serves your content.

Following all the above strategies will help you to gain the relevant followers who are eagerly waiting for your content. They will engage with every content you produce and this will eventually help in increasing organic reach and also you will do justice for all the content you create and make your prospective buyers comfortable to buy from you.

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