Why are some established and even some reputed businesses finding it hard to acquire new customers in this digital era?

Why are those businesses unable to shine as they did in the past?

Why are the new businesses struggling a lot to get more customers?

In this internet era, it doesn’t matter whether you are a new player or an existing player in the business (industry)!

If you can understand your customers and can give what they want, then you will grow or else you can’t even get noticed in the crowd.

These days the internet is loaded with tons of information and every business has competition which makes them try new things and win the game or stay unchanged and backed up in the race.
Most of the businesses know these and they are trying different methods and strategies to leverage business. Unfortunately, they can’t achieve the results that they aimed for.

Any idea on why the majority of the business can’t leverage the metrics but few other businesses can achieve them on most of the campaign?

You are Doing this WRONG

  • Social media promotions,
  • Search Engine Marketing & Advertisements,
  • Emails, Paid Promotions, & Outreach,
  • Omnichannel, growth tactics and cross-platform marketing.

These are some of the marketing methods that most businesses are doing to promote their product or service online.

But still, they are suffering from showcasing their business to their audience because of the competitor crowd & other distractions that your audience experienced on the internet and let them forget about your business.

Your business needs to be reminded (awareness), your audience needs to be excited (customer journey), your customer needs to be amazed (sales & services) in order to sell more & gain more consumers.

If you aren’t able to make your audience reminded, excited, and amazed about your business, then you are losing the game.

All your efforts will not reap any values since you are playing the cards in the wrong direction.

Messenger Automation on Service

You may have a thought in your mind like “Messenger Automation!!!”
“How can automation on Messenger help my business to achieve higher metrics?”

“Is that a MAGIC or some new way of marketing opportunity?”

Well, Messenger automation is completely new to most of the marketers and therefore it was not crowded with other marketers or businesses. Possibly!

But Almost 1.6 billion people are using Facebook’s Messenger globally to interact with their friends & family and the chances are really high that your target audience will be here is the Messenger platform.

With the help of Messenger bots built on SilFer Bots platform, your business can reach, communicate and sell products in an automated way.

Most importantly, this Messenger automation has the capability to do magic by communicating with your audience in a personalized way and make your audience feel like your business is caring about their customers.

Let’s imagine,

It’s 11.30 at night and tomorrow is your brother’s birthday.

You wanted to present him a watch, but you already forgot to buy the gift and it’s too late to go for the purchase.

But you found that a local store nearby had an automated sales process and you purchased a watch for your brother’s birthday that is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow at the right time.

We can think of a lot of other instances like this.

Once I purchased online software to broadcast my live sessions and got struck exploring the main feature that I want to use.

I tried to contact the support but failed since they are offline, but I found they had a good chat support system completely automated where I had to get my queries cleared without any human help.

These two scenarios can explain the potential of automating Messenger with the help of chatbots.

Let’s see how this Messenger automation will help you to increase your sales exponentially.

Nurturing Leads

Building awareness & nurturing your audience is the foremost & important steps on every marketing campaign because your business has to attract the target audience in the short span of time, or else people will not do business with your company.

Since messenger automation can be done in a conversational manner like 1:1 interaction, users can easily be on-boarded and guided to get the required product or service form your business with the help of chatbots.

You have to build the conversational flow (no coding required) in a way that the Messenger bot can welcome the audience and take them to the product or service whatever they are looking for so that they can start purchasing the need from your business.

Or else you can build a flow to floor-up the audience and nurture them with respective content that will be delivered in a personalized and automated manner.
This will improve the chance of converting the targeted audience into customers with high ROI.

3 Messenger Automation Techniques to Increase Sales Exponentially

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Commenters to Customers

Another cool trick to increase your sales is using the “Comment Growth Tool” in Silfer Bots platform and using this way you can turn your Facebook post commenters into customers in a simple way.

Let’s take any event as an example,

You found a live music event post on Facebook and it says on description that you need to comment “standard word (or) random words” to buy the ticket for that event.
Eventually, you will comment as per the post description and a message will popup automatically on your Messenger application with the instruction or procedure to buy tickets for that live music event.

In the end, you purchased the tickets for you & your friends to spend the weekend happily.

In this scenario, both the business and customer got benefitted that the business can generate more sales using this growth automation tool and the Facebook follower can purchase the product directly on their Messenger application instead of visiting a website or waiting for a queue in a physical location.

3 Messenger Automation Techniques to Increase Sales Exponentially

Virtual Sales in Autopilot

Most of the time you spend on researching your product or looking for the best suggestion on the internet.

When an audience reach your business to get product suggestions and you can’t respond that’s where your business will start losing customers, because if they get the best suggestion from one of your competitors they will purchase from your competitors’.
By using Messenger automation you can build a virtual salesperson to work for your business 24*7*365 without any interruption.

Messenger bots will take care of identifying the consumer need, suggesting the best product, collecting the requirement, even helping & handling the purchase inside the Messenger platform itself. The main thing is you need to build a magnet to attract your target audience into your Messenger automation system (that we can discuss on another blog post).

Take a look at this video to know how this virtual sales thing works with Messenger automation

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The Time is Now

Like I said before Messenger automation is the “Game-Changer” and it will unleash many possibilities on doing marketing for your business.

Now is the time for businesses to start investing in Messenger automation to leverage their business metrics and it is the right time for marketers to acquire this Messenger automation skill because there are few Messenger automation builders globally helping businesses with their need and guess what “Their pay is TOO HIGH than other marketing works.” Join the Facebook Messenger Automation course and start building automation now.

Learn the exact fail-proof system that we use for our clients to convert their social media contacts to contracts without playing the guesswork game or spending a ton of money