Why Digital Marketers are Pivotal for Every Business

Why Digital Marketers are Pivotal for Every Business

Nearly five years ago, Google in collaboration with IPSOS Hong Kong claimed that businesses using digital marketing could see 2.8X more revenue growth than those who did not use the Internet.(stats). Thanks to the growth of the internet and social media, the gap between companies that use digital marketing for business and the ones that don’t is likely to have widened considerably since then. In fact, businesses — regardless of their size — are leaning towards the digital arena. They are spending more on digital compared to “traditional” marketing tactics, as The CMO Survey shows.

And it’s not hard to see why. Confronted with new trends and rising competition, companies are trying to survive and grow in an era where they are required to adapt more quickly than ever. Digital marketing tools and techniques are allowing them to promote their products and services to a much larger audience without spending a fortune.

Digital marketing costs less, yet shows promise of much higher reach and engagement levels. When digital campaigns go viral and are shared by your audience, it can be as effective as a powerful word-of-mouth marketing campaign!

Contrary to this, traditional marketing has always involved big investments in terms of manpower and resources — something that only big brands could afford. Being an affordable and effective alternative, digital marketing has levelled the playfield, enabling small companies to compete with the big sharks

Digital marketing is perfect for businesses of all stripes

Why Digital Marketers are Pivotal for Every Business

The beauty of digital marketing not only lies in the fact that it work for all sizes of companies, but also that it can be leveraged by companies of any type, of any industry, and targeting almost any demographic. However, it takes the right digital skills and marketing know-how to create digital campaigns that make waves.

Take Vicks India’s brilliant campaign for example. They launched a video #TouchOfCare, a movie about the meaning of family in today’s context. The movie showed how two people, not related by blood, could be a happy family. Their Facebook post got more than 2.5 million views and was shared more than 34,000 times!

Clearly, their effective digital marketing strategycoupled with their ability to understand and capitalise on consumers’ emotions worked in their favour.

Another brilliant digital marketing strategy was followed by Chu Chu TV — thanks to which it became India’s third most subscribed YouTube channel. Till 2016, they had less than 2 lakh Facebook likes and very little engagement. How did this all change for them, you ask?
Here is where the importance of good digital marketing comes in. They collaborated with a digital marketing agency, echoVME, and garnered digital presence by introducing interactive content in formats ranging from Puzzles and Live Facebook to Memes.

There is great power in an individual narrative, and case study campaigns can really help build your brand and garner the trust of your audience. And digital marketing is the platform where stories can really go viral.

Adidas’s #FanTheFire campaign followed an 18 year old Indian athlete aiming for a medal in Figure skating. The story is narrated by the athlete’s mother who believes “this dream is not yours alone, but ours”. Adidas’ aim was to highlight athletes and sports which were not mainstream, and to appeal to a larger humanity. Their digital marketing experiment was highly successful and remains one that can be learnt from.

Marketing skills in the age of digital

Why Digital Marketers are Pivotal for Every Business

The future of digital marketers is bright, with traditional marketers finding it inevitable to switch to the digital platform. Traditional businesses are at the risk losing out to their digital counterparts, which is whyforward-thinking companies are shifting gears. For example, Hamdard — one of the oldest companies in India — launched its latest digital campaign,‘Ghulke Jiyo’ for its iconic Rooh Afza brand earlier this year.

It’s also an example of how brands are taking digital more seriously, rather than considering it supplementary to their traditional marketing efforts. Also worth noting is the fact that companies like Hamdard that have big marketing budgets are opting to go online as a way to reach consumers on new digital platforms, where they are spending ever more of their time.
Not long ago, online marketing and particularly, social media was something that brands would ask their interns — or just about any employee —to handle. That trend is changing. Today, as digital is becoming an irreplaceable pillar of the marketing industry, companies are looking to hire specialized talent to support them in their digital journey. And, digital marketing tops the list of most in-demand expertise. The global consultancy Mondo estimates the demand for digital marketing professionals to increase by 38% this year.
Unfortunately, many marketers these days lack digital skills, while digital marketers often don’t have a strong background in marketing. We need to bridge the gap between the two.

Because digital skill set is a prized possession for any business looking to succeed today, learning digital marketing skills is a great career move for both, new and established marketers. The good news is, their marketing knowledge gives them a natural advantage when picking up digital marketing skills.
 However, it’s important to remember that certificates don’t always get you the digital marketing skills you’re looking for. Often it’s more than that. Becoming a successful digital marketer takes experience and constant experimentation — whether you’re certified or not.
With studies suggesting that84% of Millennial don’t trust traditional marketing, there’s a huge scope for digital marketers to create the right impact. This is why digital marketing training is critical for marketers.

Can you be a successful digital marketer?

Yes, absolutely. Digital marketing is something that can be learnt. And with digital marketing becoming more accessible and affordable, now is the time to make the move.

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