11 Steps Email Marketing Checklist

11 Steps Email Marketing Checklist

Do you think email marketing is dead?

In today’s Digital era, Email marketing can only be used to convert list to loyal fans. Loyal fans are the people who will buy from you, time & again.

If you think email marketing doesn’t work, it’s probably because you share the same generic stuff as that of your competitors & use email primarily for lead generation. This approach is the fundamental reason why you’re not able to gain much traction out of email marketing.

When you don’t further nurture your target audience , no interest or curiosity will be aroused in them which motivates them to buy your products or services. Your primary motive is not only to attract them to your products/services, but to also sustain their interest in your products in the long run.

What if you don’t do Email Marketing?

Email marketing is still a powerful tool to communicate with your target customers. In fact, this is the most economical method of business communication.

When you don’t use it, you will miss out on a golden opportunity to stay in touch with customers. You will have to rely on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, where the algorithms keep changing at the blink of an eye. Your audience won’t be able to resonate with your brand.

Emails still rule when it comes to putting across your brand’s communication to the users. Emails are algorithm-proof, unlike social media platforms. You own the list & have complete authority to market your products/services to your list.

On other platforms, money has to be spent every time on retargeting & this can get quite expensive. These platforms are dictated by algorithms & hence you don’t own the platforms completely. Email, on the contrary, is an exception.

This platform will help your audience understand you’re why.
The job of email marketing is to nurture (convince) the leads (email contacts) acquired through various channels (via quality & consistent content). This results in converting your email contacts to contracts (conversions). Thus, for every $ spent, email marketing gives the highest ROI.For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $32 (DMA, 2018). https://dma.org.uk/

Here are 11 tips that will help you dominate Email Marketing:

  • Personalization:

This is the catch of email marketing. To make the readers feel emotionally connected to your mail and what you offer, the idea is to personalize your emails. You can use first person texts.
For instance
– “Start my trial” instead of “Start your trial”

  • Catchy & Compelling Subject Line:

Always remember to make your email look attractive with the catchy and compelling subject line. Your have to somehow compel the user to at least first click on the email due to a catchy subject line, followed by quality content which provides valuable information about what you offer them.
Briefly, the email shouldn’t be just a click bait so that users would get disappointed when open mail.Experian report says that 56% of brands that use emoji in the email subject lines have higher open rates.

  • Have only one goal for one email & email design! 

Here, your focus needs to be how to convince the users when they have already opened the mail. It’s a matter of convincing not confusing. Did you get it?
Well, precisely your email design should be short and crisp which directs towards the customers end goal or desires.Always ask yourself this question “Can this email design achieve the prospective customer’s goal in 5 seconds??”

  • Clear & Focussed Call to action

In your email design, it would be ideal to put one and only one Call to Action (CTA). Multiple CTA would destroy the purpose of people clicking on the CTA button and get diverted to your websites/landing pages.

  • Readability & Formatting

Make your emails organized and easy to read and understand. Taking care of line breaks, bullet points, crisp and concise content with a maximum of two fonts would make the email look classy and organized.
It would itself reflect your brand through how you present yourself to the target customers through emails. Ideally, use a CTA button color that matches your brand color. In this way, people can resonate to your brand better.

  • Avoid spam & promotional words

 It ain’t a good idea if the email looks clumsy and overcrowded with too many images, links, visuals. You have to do this to avoid activating the spam filter. Your primary motive is to make sure the emails land in the inbox, not in the spam folder. Consider not using promotional words in emails as it has a higher chance to land emails in the spam folder.

  • Proofread your grammar & do a rigorous spell check

Another crucial thing is to ensure the email content to be readable and understandable. You need to proofread and do rigorous spell checks. This makes it easier for people to read and know what exactly you want to communicate through your emails. Email content should be showcased as a medium to reach to the customer minds and convince them for better conversion rates.

  • Test your call to action

 A Call To Action (CTA) is another relevant element in your email design. By clicking this CTA button, customers can reach the destination URLs. Digital marketing tracking parameters like UTM builder helps to know the journey of customers all the way from emails to your destination landing pages.

  • Do split testing

A/B Split Testing expels the mystery from your decisions of advanced promoting efforts. AB testing helps to know what doesn’t work & what does to increase conversion rates.As per the HubSpot report, testing landing pages through this technique can create more leads by as much as 30 to 40%..

Analyze to know your visitor journey
It is also vital for the email marketing campaigns to analyze your visitor journey & other metrics in your CRM like open rate, click rate, etc. This will enable you to make a decision based on data & modify your email marketing campaigns with effective marketing tools and strategies.

  • Comply with the anti-spam laws

Anti-spam laws are made for unsolicited emails that protect people from getting undesirable spam emails. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 pre-empted a considerable lot of these laws; However, as an email marketer, you need to ensure all users agree to abide by the anti-spam policies mentioned in their terms of service.

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How Digital Marketer can draw inspiration from a Cancer Survivor

How Digital Marketer can draw inspiration from a Cancer Survivor

As a digital marketer, my life ends up being fascinating and disappointing at the same moment as two sides of a coin. With regards to marketing online, nothing is unsurprising.

You do what you need to do dependent on what you believe are the correct way, yet the outcomes will dependably amaze you. Life can end up disappointing if your marketing efforts are not working and until you discover why, you won’t get any rest.
Having said this, it feels like life of a Digital Marketer is no less than a cancer survivor. Being a struggling digital marketer, you may experience all the sufferings that of a cancer patient.

I have seen my mom’s initial cancer struck clueless days. Those uncertain days paved way to multiple times doctor consultation. It took 30 days to find the best Oncologist. We were seeking for right guidance and best treatment approach. So, basically the treatment is a process and so as to become a successful digital marketer, is also a step by step process.

Won’t you agree the same being a digital marketer?
Don’t you remember those endless opportunity doors you knocked for the right marketing guidance?
You may lose the battle soon if you don’t get the right digital Guru to guide. Sadly, that’s the bare truth in this competitive business world. In fact, both of it damage our cells have similar symptoms in the initial stages.

Same levels of uncertainty of survival in the competitive market you experience as a marketer, a cancer patient go through sleepless nights. The unpredictable tomorrow, never ending worries on reaching the right target customers are at some point triggers pain which literally needs something not just a temporary chemotherapy as given to a cancer patient, but a permanent digital marketing solution.
You may get tons of advice or refusals when you reach out to different amateur digital marketers. Is this what you aimed for? An aimless journey never leads to your dream destination. If no, know that you are stuck in a mess! Don’t you want to become a digital marketing survivor?

To become a Digital Marketing Survivor, you need to make a smart move. Here, no plot for aimless marketers. When you are in a competitive industry, you should act smartly. It’s all the end result of the right digital marketing mentor you approach and get the right guidance. Your purpose as a marketer is to get an end to end solution for your digital marketing problems. Now when you are in the right hands, you too are a digital marketing survivor!

Here are the 3 ways to become a Digital Marketing Survivor

A cancer patient may sometimes need to opt for either all of treatment methods like chemotherapy, radiology and surgery to cure completely and become a cancer survivor. It all depends on their severity of health problems. Sometimes, they may get cured just by several chemotherapies only or at times just with a chemo and radiology will cure. When the severity of problems is higher, they may even need to go for surgery.

Similarly, your exact cure to become a digital marketing survivor is based on the severity of your marketing problems.
You need to analyze your current marketing issues and how severely it currently affects your business performance and ROI.

So basically, the core idea is to identify your “problem areas and degree of improvement needed” in your online marketing efforts and take the right Survivor Strategy to smoothly achieve your business goals. Based on the severity of your marketing issues, you may adopt the below “Three Survivor Strategies”:
Get quality Training: Like a cancer patient go for chemotherapy, as a digital marketer you can go for the best training wherein you get a good idea about the concepts and process of digital marketing which equip yourself to apply these techniques in your business.

If your current digital marketing problems are not that severe, like a chemo that gives proper results in a patient, same way attending any digital marketing training will find solution to your marketing problem areas.

You need to get quality training and advanced digital marketing strategies to successfully implement it on your business success. For that, approach the top digital marketing training which can help for your business success in the long run.

Go for Digital consulting: Once you feel you may need further digital marketing help apart from a formal training and struggling to increase ROI, you can then opt for digital consulting just like opting for radiology in a cancer patient who has not cured due to several rounds of chemotherapy.

This step you need to choose wisely and on the right time. You don’t want to be a failure in the market that missed to take the right step at the right time. A digital consultant helps organizations to leverage diverse online channels to more readily focus on their customers and prospective customers.

It unites the majority of the most recent marketing tools, innovation, and trends, and uses them to help businesses of every kind imaginable to successfully connect with their customers and prospective customers. Each channel is intended for various audiences and offer different targeting methods.

Hire an agency:

If you are a business firm, hiring an agency would be the best cure. Like a cancer patient who can survive only by surgery, sometimes your digital marketing strategies may be that much ineffective and your business problem areas are wide and need further improvement, this can be the right marketing strategy for you.
By hiring a right digital marketing agency, you will not only get end to end digital marketing solution but also a huge improvement in your ROI. With an enormous support of well experienced and passionate digital professionals who can deliver your marketing goals effortlessly, you gain in every way.

My mother had to ultimately seek surgery when every other way became hopeless. Likewise, when hope to succeed starting fading away; your ideal and right step is to seek an expert digital marketing agency who can find the perfect solution for your business dilemmas. Let’s see how you actually gain when you hire a digital agency:

  •   Expert professional support

It would be a tough and expensive process to build a successful in-house team for the entire digital marketing process, especially when you are a newbie in the market. A digital marketing agency has expert digital professionals who can be at your support any time to meet your campaign goals.

  • Optimize your budgets

When you do your marketing campaigns alone, it would be difficult and time consuming to track marketing expenses on multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hiring an expert digital agency would benefit you here. They can effectively track conversions and divert your budgets to the most effective campaigns. You don’t need to worry anything here as they handle it effectively. Just leave to them, they ensure higher ROI for your business.

  •   Wider business perspectives

Possibilities are that your in-house team may have only limited knowledge on the advanced digital marketing tools to set your business successful in online platforms. Digital agencies deal with multiple industries, business and marketing professionals. Hence, they are more exposed and well versed in innovative and effective marketing methods to boost your web traffic inflow and revenue.

  •   No more deadline pressure

When you have strong marketing strategies, you can’t afford of getting off track in your business game with minor mistakes. A well versed digital agency would be of great help with multi person team including SEO, PPC, Web design and many more specialists dedicated to serve on demand requests in your marketing campaigns and to deliver on time.

  •   Scale your business growth

When your business is in the growing stage, it would be even easier and economical for your business if your marketing activities are safe in the hands of a right and expert digital marketing agency. A digital agency can scale up your business by meeting the changing customer needs. With their enormous expertise and insights, your business can grow exponentially in no time.
Everything is curable if you take the right path. Despite all her struggles, now when my mom happily survived Cancer, she is my biggest inspiration in my struggling marketing journey. It is when seeing her recovery, I truly believe now that you may get stuck in the middle, lose the way, no matter what, if you intend to pursue this tougher journey, be it anything, you can see light at the end of the tunnel! Success can chase you only when you follow your dreams.

Once you identify your core digital marketing problems, you will easily know which above Digital Marketing Survivor Strategy (either one or all of them) would be the ideal cure for your business to make you a successful Digital Marketing Survivor.
The choice is yours whether to quit midway, or proudly earn that success and become a Digital Marketing Survivor!

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