7 Essential Ingredients of a Winning Headline

7 Essential Ingredients of a Winning Headline

Why is the headline talked about so often by content marketers? Why are they considered so vital that they can make or break marketing campaigns? And, most importantly, how can your business benefit from creating great headlines?
One of the greatest copywriting legends of all time, John Caples believed: “If the headline is poor, the copy will not be read. And copy that is not read does not sell goods.”
Do you want to know how this seemingly simple statement plays out in the real world? Consider this:

80% of readers never make it past the headline.

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 proceed to read the rest.

That’s the secret power of headlines and how it fulfills the main purpose of copywriting, which is to lead people on to read more till they are convinced to take action.

No wonder, headlines are the single most important factor when creating great content. It’s the first thing that’s seen by readers and it sets the tone for whether your content will be treasured or trashed by them.

Poor headlines can sink your digital marketing ship

That’s right. Headlines have a significant impact on your marketing efforts. So much so that they can sink your campaigns, kill your bottom line, and stunt your business’ growth.

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No matter which digital marketing avenue you choose — be it blogs, social media marketing, email marketing or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing — the headline is the one thing that’s common to every one of these media. It is the headline that makes people decide whether or not to click open an article, an advertisement or an email.

One look at your headline will give your prospective customers their first impressions about your brand. And, it must be good, if not great because in today’s crowded and competitive business landscape, you don’t get a second chance to make that first impression. You either nail it or miss the opportunity.

So, it’s fairly obvious that if your headlines don’t encourage the readers to click, your campaigns will stop dead in their tracks. And by default, all the time, money and effort you put into creating these campaigns will go down the drain, causing your content marketing strategy to fail as a whole.

That’s why poor headlines can mean a significant loss of potential traffic and revenue, affecting the sales and growth prospects of your business.

So, how do you create headlines that your audience can’t help but click? In this article, we’ll share with you 8 ingredients for creating great headlines that attract and compel readers to take action.

Here’s how to create a winning recipe for headlines using these ingredients

1. State the top benefits

This one is a no brainer. It’s basically what a headline is supposed to do: Reel people in. A great headline does that by conveying the biggest benefit your prospects receive from your product/service.

When the headline sums up the promise your product/service makes and it is the solution that your potential customers are looking for, it will instantly entice them to click and read more.

However, be careful not to crowd the headline with too many benefits because it may end up confusing the reader. So make sure to choose the most highly desired and unique benefit of your product and let that shine in your headline.

Write a winning headline

2. Drop the offer

Being direct with your headline can get your audience to respond faster. Ideally, your headline should be a few highly persuasive words strung together to summarize what you’re offering to your prospects.

With an attention span of less than that of a goldfish, people are likely to move over to the next shiny object that grabs their eyeball at a blazing speed. Meaning there’s no room for guesses. So, don’t try to make it sound clever. Rather focus on making your offer known — loud and clear, right at the outset.

That’s why it’s a good practice to first jot down your offer. Think about what exactly are you offering and how is it different or unique from the other offers on the market. Then, spend some time crafting a headline that spells out your offer and tells your audience what’s in it for them.

Ingredients to write a winning headline | Digitechniks

3. Sprinkle some power words

Research has shown that headlines that manage to evoke strong emotions in readers — whether positive or negative — are often the best at getting some action out of them. These headlines almost always have what are called “power words” in them.

Power words serve to motivate people to take a specific action on your website, blog, landing page or social media pages. Whether it’s about getting people to subscribe to your blog, click on that “buy” button, or download your eBook, having at least one power word in your headline can make a world of difference.

So, what do these power words look like? Not any different from regular words. In fact, chances are you’ve come across them plenty of times while browsing a page, skimming through a newspaper or magazine, driving past a billboard on your way or walking down the supermarket aisle. “Free”, “Fast”, “Last Minute”, “Now”, “Pay Zero” are some incredibly common but equally persuasive power words. But those aren’t the only ones. Here’s a treasure trove of 700+ power words that will help you write amazing headlines that convince and convert your prospects.

Tripwire offer | Digitechniks

4. Slide in a timeframe

The most head-turning headlines are often the ones that make bold promises. And, some of them explicitly point out the time duration within which the reader is likely to get results.
Think about ads like “Lose 2 Inches of Belly Fat in 7 Days”. Such headlines have a certain amount of shock value that makes them memorable for the audience. Granted, not all businesses will benefit from this, neither is it an easy trick to pull. Unless you’re 200% sure about your claims, this might be veering too close to being labeled as a scam. So tread carefully.

You can certainly use numbers in your headline in other ways. Numbers are favored by the buyer’s brain because they promise something specific. Plus, Google loves numbers, so there’s that advantage as well.

However, here’s something to keep in mind while including numbers in your headlines: People respond better to odd numbers and crooked numbers — numbers that aren’t rounded such as 5, 7, 99.5, etc. — are more believable than round numbers.

Of course, this tip won’t apply to every business, but if it’s something your business can benefit from, make sure to capitalize on it.

Powerful digital marketing strategies for 2021

5. Stress on specificity

As a reader, there are few things as frustrating as being greeted by a confusing headline. It might be the wittiest of all headlines and you may have spent hours creating it, but if it doesn’t communicate anything concrete, it will do nothing for you — no action, no clicks, and certainly so sales.

And here’s why. Your audience is bombarded by a zillion pieces of content clamoring for their attention on a daily basis. There’s only so much time and brainpower someone can invest on reading them. The result? Piles of unopened emails, ads that don’t get clicked on, blogs that no one wants to read, and so on. If you don’t want your content to end up getting ignored, you have to make your headlines more specific. The more clarity there is, the better chances it has of resonating with your audience.

Facebook ads strategy | Digitechniks

6. Clear away objections

What stops people from buying a certain product? If your product is designed to remove that challenge from the equation, let your headline talk about it.

For example, Photoshop is the go-to photo editing software for many but has a fair bit of a learning curve. This can be perceived as a challenge by those who do not have the knowledge of Photoshop but would like to give a pro-level finish to their photos.
Now, let’s say you’re selling a tool that mimics Photoshop’s editing but doesn’t involve the learning curve. Finding ways to include this bit of information in your copy will garner more attention

7. Establish proof

Showing proof through your headline is an excellent way to attract your audience and get them hooked on to read your content. And, this works particularly well for case studies.
People love to read and get influenced by other’s experiences and proof-based headlines often tug on the sentiment of “you can too”. This is the reason why headlines such as “How We Skyrocketed Our Traffic by 452% With These 2 Steps” perform exponentially better than a generic “Tips to Skyrocket Your Traffic”.

3C's formula to succees in digital marketing

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Summing up

So there you have it — 8 ingredients that can boost the potentials of your headlines in leaps and bounds. While it might not be practically possible to include all of these ingredients consistently all the time. But your aim should be to try and make sure your headline ticks off as many boxes as possible.

At Digitechniks, we have been successfully utilizing these best practices to convert our contacts to loyal fans. So if you wish to master more tips and tricks for copywriting that converts click to sales, attend our free webinar.

Learn from copywriting experts the ropes to leverage the power of words to generate more clicks, sales, and profits for your business.


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5‌ ‌Step‌ ‌Lead‌ ‌Magnet‌ ‌Creation‌ ‌Process‌ ‌for‌ ‌Positive‌ ‌Digital‌ ‌ROI‌ ‌

5‌ ‌Step‌ ‌Lead‌ ‌Magnet‌ ‌Creation‌ ‌Process‌ ‌for‌ ‌Positive‌ ‌Digital‌ ‌ROI‌ ‌

Every business owner and marketer that invests time and money into digital marketing efforts wants to generate leads and sales. However, the road to lead generation success isn’t an easy one.

With more and more businesses entering the digital space, the competition to grab customer’s attention is tougher than ever!

So, how do you get those coveted leads and turn them into real buyers? Your success starts with knowing who really needs what you’re selling. And, in order to do that, you must have a customer acquisition funnel and follow steps to validate it.

While you can read about these in our previous blog posts (by clicking on the links above), in this post we’re going to talk about something that plays a crucial role in your customer acquisition and lead generation efforts: Lead magnet. 

You may or may not have heard the term “lead magnet” before, but there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve downloaded or used one of these at some point. 

What are Lead Magnets?

A lead magnet is a freebie or free offering that you give to your target customers and collect their contact details in return. It could be in the form of a workshop, webinar, case study download, ebook download, a competition, or contest, to name a few.

Lead magnets act as a tool to gauge the need of your product/service in the market, hook your audience, and maximize the number of targeted leads

Why Do You Need a Lead Magnet?

If you don’t have a lead magnet, you are unlikely to acquire your desired market share and your customer acquisition cost will skyrocket because then, you’ll be trying to reach out to the market randomly. It’s simple — when you’re shooting in the dark, you’ll waste more bullets, plus, there’s no guarantee that you’ll hit the target. A lead magnet enlightens your path and gives you the direction to boost your reach and revenue.

From the perspective of customers, lead magnets provide them an incentive to try a product/service before they can commit to it. It also gives them a reason to hand over their contact information, which they may not be willing to do for free.

That’s the beauty and significance of lead magnets. They work because they offer a win-win deal for both parties.

By now, you probably have a fair idea of how important lead magnets are. Here are the steps to create them

1. Find the most common problems of your target customers

Profile your ideal audience persona and identify their problems and pain points. You can do this through market research, sending them surveys, collecting feedback, or simply by asking them questions.

2. Be specific about the problems that your business can solve

After you’ve spent time to know what’s bugging your customers and what’s keeping them up at night, narrow it down to most pressing problems that your product/service can solve. This will give you a clearer picture of what to focus on in order to truly strike a chord with your audience. 

3. Focus on providing exclusive solutions

Products/services may already exist in the market that address many of the problems that your target audience faces. Your job is to pick the ones for which you can provide very unique solutions — the type that’s not readily available to them. In other words, offer solutions that only few businesses are offering. This is where you can truly make a difference. 

4. Select 1-2 solutions to offer as lead magnet

The secret behind a high-converting lead magnet is providing something of value that your lead can actually use. While you certainly can’t (and shouldn’t) give away all your best stuff and secrets, you have to entice your audience and show them a promise of value. 

Remember, eventually you’re aiming to get more leads who can be converted into buyers. Therefore, make sure to pick 1-2 solutions that will not only help them solve an immediate need but also give them the push to buy from you. Otherwise, you’ll be missing a valuable opportunity to generate sales for your business.

For example, at Digitechniks, we offer free digital marketing webinars but we also have paid training for those that want to explore deeper and learn more actionable strategies and best practices to become qualified digital marketers. 

5. Choose the right format

It’s super important to choose a format that aligns best with your offer and is most acceptable by your target audience. For example, if your customer research reveals that the people you’re targeting love to watch videos, then you can offer your lead magnet in the form of a video demo or a tutorial.

Similarly, professionals are likely to attend webinars or workshops while B2B clients prefer to read white papers and ebooks or consume other types of long-form content such as case studies.

The point is, you should know what types of content your target audience engages with and responds to. And then, design your lead magnet accordingly to increase opt-ins and conversions. The end-goal of a lead magnet is to help you gather information from people so they can be pulled into your customer acquisition funnel. However, simply creating a lead magnet doesn’t mean that people will flock to buy from you.

Success will come only when you’re able to collect 100% of the data of action takers and 5% of your lead magnet leads convert into paying customers. To know how you can do that, read our blog on 3 Step Digital Marketing Strategy for Customer Acquisition Funnel Validation.


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12 Affordable Digital Marketing Tools To Spy On Your Competitors (Like A Boss)

12 Affordable Digital Marketing Tools To Spy On Your Competitors (Like A Boss)

Digital marketing trends shifts at a lightning pace presenting it as a far reached goldmine for the small and big business ventures. Surveys show that within every single second, Google gets an average of 63,000 searches every day. 96% of search traffic contributes from smartphone and 94% are organic traffic sources. This digital era witnesses a paradigm on the business’ marketing approach from old ways to adopting technical SEO and quality content marketing approaches for enhancing their online presence.

“Statistics show that 85% of companies engage in competitor analysis to do strategic research on rival firms’ marketing strategies.”

This essential tactic will boost your financial stability and achieve better business survival opportunities.

Most companies getting started with digital marketing don’t know where to start and what to do. They lack clarity and direction. For a remarkable competitive edge in the industry, you can’t survive with if’s and but’s on a long haul. You need to strive for the best digital marketing strategy to outstand and beat the competition. As you know success comes with a price, the need to widen your thoughts and actions to get the right digital marketing support has become inevitable. It is no more an aimless journey wherein you struggle in a competitive mess.

Do you have the clarity and direction know what type of content to produce, what platforms to promote on, budgets to allocate, what type of ads to produce, keywords to target, nurturing process like email marketing tactics to follow. If all these look like alien to you and still feel your nerve, it’s high time for your business to rush towards the right digital marketing decisions before it gets off track. Many established companies still struggle to get online visibility with the lack of using upgraded digital marketing tools which immensely impacting their business growth in an adverse way.

Companies use a haphazard approach in terms of their strategies, without knowing what really works. It’s like shooting arrows in the dark. Thus, competitor analysis is essential to emulate successful results & objectives. Companies that are getting started with digital marketing & don’t do competitor analysis end up wasting time, money & resources. Before your precious resources get drained out and you end up losing the game in the digital platforms, it’s wise to get the right solution. So make it a smart move worth every penny!

You don’t need to always reinvent the wheel in terms of digital strategies. You just need to identify what’s working for your high-level competitors and what isn’t. These competitors have ‘been there and done that’. They use top-notch talent and resources to execute their strategies and achieve amazing results. Thus, competitor analysis is the first & foremost process. It helps you understand the keywords your competitors are targeting, the platforms they are on, nurturing process, their content marketing strategy and a whole lot more.

Using certain tools makes this possible and thus we can draw inspiration from competitors. Identifying KPIs and statistics that work well for your competitors can be a significant ingredient of your marketing success formula. Using the right set of tools can save a ton of time and help you accelerate the process of achieving results. The right set of tools helps you automate stuff and focus on more important tasks like formulating strategies, team management, etc.

1. SEMrush

Price: Currently available on three standardized monthly subscriptions with Pro – $99.95, Guru – $199.95 and Business – $399.9 plans.
Ease of use: It’s easy to use SEO tool with instructions to follow. No prior expertise is required.
Purpose/what it does: A trusted SEO and SEM competitor analysis tool widely used by a large number of all types of businesses across the world for keyword research and does competitor analysis on their keyword strategies. It is a good tool for your blog audit creating backlinks and a lot more.
How to use: When you distinguish your top rivals, you can utilize SEMrush Organic Research and Advertising Research reports to see the accurate keywords originated from their search traffic.

2. Buzzsumo

Price: All their plans start with a free 7-day trial. Their plans range from $79 to $499 per month, which can be either pay monthly or annually with cancellation option at any time.
Easy to Use: Yes
Purpose: Buzzsumo does unlimited content research and influencer searchers in which you can view any number of pages without a limit. It is used to identify which content has been shared the most.
How to use: Its free plan enables you to look for the most shared content, top influencers, and track a brand. It is limited in any case, and will just permit you four searches for each day. Paid subscriptions take into account more associations for content campaigns and agencies, just as exportable information and can be customized too. You’ll additionally get boundless access to BuzzSumo’s search information.

3. SimilarWeb

Price: SimilarWeb comes with PRO packages which starts from the basic plan-$199 and advanced plan-$499 per month
Easy to Use: Yes
Purpose: SimilarWeb is an effective tool which is used to identify traffic sources of competitors.
How to use: SimilarWeb assembles data by infusing itself into a large number of browsers by means of mostly chrome extensions. Additionally, SimilarWeb offers incentives for review sites when they share their precise web traffic information, consequently persistently aligning their gathered information with genuine input from Google Analytics

4. BigSpy

Price: It is a free Facebook Ad spy tool with unlimited uses that is available for anyone.
Easy to Use: Yes
Purpose: A user-friendly tool that is used to spy on competitors Facebook ads.
How to use: It customizes the most intriguing Facebook advertisements for you. This is a  progressed application will permit you to find and get more cash-flow with Facebook advertisements by yourself. BigSpy AD spy amasses huge information, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Shopify promotions and continually updated. BigSpy permits looking for 6 social media marketing ads.

5. AdEspresso

Price: It’s pricing starts from the basic plan-$69 to advance plan-$599 with an option of free 14 days trial period under each plan.
Easy to use: Yes
Purpose: AdEspresso is used to spy on competitor’sfacebook ads.
How to use: If you begin truly increase on the promotions you make, you might need to test out various varieties of pictures, features, content and so forth and AdEspresso truly assists with this. You can start by creating campaigns and then create your ads with AdEspresso and finally test headlines, texts or images based on your requirements.

6. Ubersuggest

Price: This is a free tool for keywords which help you to revise your SEO, content marketing and social media marketing strategies to most effective ones.
Easy to use: Yes
Purpose: Ubersuggest enables you to get knowledge into the procedures that are working for others in your target market so you can receive them, improve them, and get a higher competitive edge.
How to use: Ubersuggest is a standout amongst the free SEO tool out available today. In case you’re an advertiser and need to do extensive research yet would prefer not to pay for a paid SEO tool, this is a decent alternative for you. Ubersuggest figures scores to decide the accompanying SEO terms; the search volume, SEO trouble, paid trouble, and cost per click.

7. Ahrefs

Price: The monthly price ranges from the basic plan -$99 to advanced plan-$999 with additional taxes based on your location and country.
Easy to Use: Yes
Purpose: The purpose of ahrefs is to do effective keyword research, backlink audits, validate keywords, track individual keywords, site audits and brand management for your brands and website.
How to use: When you have effectively signed in, you will meet your dashboard. You can set up progressing projects whereby domain you indicate are observed for changes in the Ahrefs set of metrics.

8. Spyfu

Price: It has an annual subscription plan starts from $33/month to $199/month and monthly plan starts from $39/month to $299/month.
Easy to use: Yes
Purpose: SpyFu demonstrates the keywords that sites purchase on Google Adwords just like the keywords that sites which are shown within the search results.
How to use: When the Spyfu account is created, you need to go to projects and create a new project. Then go ahead with entering your domain name and add your keywords. Repeat this process for multiple competitors in your target market.

9. Hootsuite

Price: One of the best tools to manage social media, which you can start using through a free-trial for 30 days. Once the trial period is completed, you get the options of three subscription plans.
Easy to use: Yes
Purpose: An effective tool to create highly customized online communication networks that helps you to do tasks in an organized manner and see conversations easily. It is used to spy on the performance of competitors SMM posts & SMM metrics
How to use: Firstly, you can create a Hootsuite account and after which add your social profiles for publishing the contents and check their engagement rates. Now set up streams and check conversations to know customer engagements. Regularly publish posts.

10. Google Search Operators

Price: A free tool to search unlimited number of keywords and information.
Easy to use: Yes
Purpose: It can enable you to pick up understanding into SEO opportunities and audit focuses you generally would not have recognized and the potential outcomes are huge.
How to use: You can enter search operators legitimately into the Google search box, similarly as you would a content inquiry: Except in exceptional cases, (for example, the “in” operator), Google will show the normal organic search results.

11. Facebook Ads Library

Price: It’s a free platform wherein the library can be explored by anyone even if the user doesn’t have a Facebook account.
Easy to use: Yes
Purpose: It is used to spy on competitors Facebook ads.
How to use: For every ad, the Ad Library gives data on who saw the promotion, how much amount the purchaser spent to run it, and the number of impressions it got. Facebook says the library will currently store ads for a long time after they run.

12. Feedly

Price: Feedly offers a free plans for casual readers with also an upgrading option to Feedly Pro which cost $5 per month or $45 per year
Easy to use: Yes
Purpose: This new aggregator app run in web browsers as well as in Android and iOS mobile platforms. It can be also used as cloud-based service. The user can customise the news feeds collected from online sources and share it with others.
How to use: Feedly collects RSS feeds that enable publishing of online information by websites. This information will be syndicated automatically to all the subscribers. At Digitechniks, we follow accelerated learning techniques which showcase you with extensive and in-depth knowledge on the digital ecosystem that is unparalleledwith any other digital marketing course out there. Join our hands for a comprehensive and fruitful journey of resourceful digital experience through our unique guidance and processes, over 40 plus tools and templates. We guide you to success!


Learn the exact fail-proof system that we use for our clients to convert their social media contacts to contracts without playing the guesswork game or spending a ton of money

Copying Vs. Innovation in Marketing: What Should You Focus On?

Copying Vs. Innovation in Marketing: What Should You Focus On?

With consumers increasingly relying on their own research before buying a product or service,the demand for valuable content is at an all-time high. The ability to provide this on a consistent basis can allow companies to stand out from the crowd and beat competition. But it’s not an easy job, to say the least.
Many startups and small businesses struggle to produce high-value content and marketing materials at a steady rate. Unable to cope up with the ever increasing demands, some of them decide to follow their competitors’ marketing footsteps. While it’s not unethical to copy, you should know where exactly to draw the line. Plus, this strategy may or may not work in your favor. Here are some reasons why.

They might be as clueless you are – According to research 41% of marketers do not have any marketing strategy and just follow anything randomly. You simply cannot follow such an erratic marketing strategy and hope for success.

Different brand, audience and business model– Even if you share the same business domain, it is likely that both of you will have a different target audience and different brand model. If you imitate your competitor’s blogs and tone, chances are it might not work for you.

You have no idea about what’s working in their favour – If you are blindly following your competitor without bothering to analyze your website traffic or carrying out a competitor analysis, chances are high that you are simply walking in the dark without any proper direction.

You don’t have the resources and budget of your competitors– Often the marketing success of a brand depends on the team which works in the background. Unless you have similar resources and budget to spend on marketing like your competitor, it is unlikely that you can replicate their success.

Copying however is not as bad as it seems. In fact, according to an article published in Harvard Business Review, it has been observed that imitation is more valuable than innovation. When you are trying to innovate, you will have zero idea about product efficiency, distribution channel or unit economics. Copying a business model ensures that you save a lot of time and money, which otherwise could have been wasted on research.

Copying a marketing strategy works particularly well when:

  • Your target audience is the same as that of your competitor
  • Your brand offers better customer experience than competitors
  • You have enough manpower and resources to execute the strategies
  • The strategy you’re copying is scalable and long term

How to Integrate Imitation in Your Marketing Strategy?

If you’re inspired by your competitors and want to imitate their marketing practices, it’s important to first figure out how those practices fit into your business model. Learn from what other companies are doing, then offer something they don’t offer.Remember Facebook was not the first social networking platform nor Google was the first search engine.But both identified and filled the gaps left by their competitors in their respective domains.

Here are certain factors to consider when building your own copycat business strategy.
Timing– Timing plays a very important role in marketing. Today if you try to copy the marketing model of Google, chances are very slim that you will succeed. As a smart marketer, you need to understand what is the underlying reason behind your competitor’s success and how can you beat your competitors in that region. You can use the same idea and then tweak it to meet your requirement.

Individuality– It is important that you maintain your individuality if you wish to stand out in the competitive world. Simply don’t go on copying them. Instead, try to find out areas where they haven’t ventured into and use innovation on those areas. You can try to refine your USP (unique selling proposition) which will give your customers compelling reasons to choose your brand over others.

Scale your workforce– in the domain of digital marketing technologies are changing every single day. You can scale your workforce either by training them in new technologies or by outsourcing the job to experts and professional agencies like us who are up-to-date with the industry and are better equipped to handle the job.

Innovation May Not Be for Everyone

While innovation works wonders, every business does not need to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes all you need is to improve the existing. Also, a business — at least, in its initial phase — many not be prepared to innovate as it requires time and resources.

Simply having an innovative idea is not enough. It’s crucial to know whether your product/service idea is scalable, profitable and has a specific audience willing to pay for it. There are innumerable startups and businesses that fail because what they believe to be their innovation has few actual takers in the market.

Your Brand Needs a Mix of Imitation and Innovation

Based on our experience, we highly recommend that you divide your time and focus between innovating and imitating your best competitors.Mix and match both strategies until you’ve hit the sweet spot.
The tried and tested formula that we, here at Digitechniks, follow includes 75% inspiration from competitors while we spend 25% of our efforts in constantly innovating. Then, keep on improving the results which you had the previous day, the previous week, previous month and even the previous year.

Looking to get ahead of your competitors by offering more value through your digital marketing initiatives? Do you want to consistently acquire new customers for your Business?

Learn the exact fail-proof system that we use for our clients to convert their social media contacts to contracts without playing the guesswork game or spending a ton of money

What Separates A Successful Digital Marketer From The Rest Of The Herd

What Separates A Successful Digital Marketer From The Rest Of The Herd

The demand for digital marketing jobs is at an all-time high. It’s not only one of the most coveted job roles in India currently, but a lucrative one too.

Numbers show that the digital marketing industry is fast leaving behind many other sectors regarding growth — 40% Year on Year to be specific. And, businesses are spending on digital advertising more than ever. Overall, this looks like the ideal time to jump into a digital marketing career. But the question is: Do you have what it takes to be a successful digital marketer?

To answer this question, we need first to clear specific flawed ideas and misconceptions that float around the concept of digital marketing as a career.

First of all, it would be a mistake to treat digital marketing like any other job. That’s mostly because there’s no beaten path for you to break into this career — no formal degree or college education like MBA or Engineering where you learn specific concepts and apply them in your work.
While you may not require a college degree to become a digital marketer, you do need to possess certain qualities to ace this field. Most important of all, you need an analytical mindset along with an enormous amount of creativity and the ability to think out-of-the-box. From what we have observed, these are the qualities that most digital marketers lack.

Secondly, the popular perception of digital marketers as “Online Entrepreneurs,” and people who “make money while they sleep,” or “make money on autopilot while chilling on the beach” has been blown out of proportion by the media. The hard truth is, it is possible to achieve all this, but it takes tons of sweat, unwavering focus, and steely determination to get there.

What’s making things worse

What Separates A Successful Digital Marketer From The Rest Of The Herd

Digital marketing is an incredibly fast-paced industry. The trends, tools, and best practices keep changing from time to time. Things that are relevant today might no longer work tomorrow. The flurry of updates and algorithm changes will keep you on your toes.

Only innovative thinkers who can adapt to such rapid changes can survive in this field. This is one of the main reasons many digital marketers switch careers. They find it hard to cope with this ever-evolving industry where whatever they have learned so far can be turned on its head almost overnight. This is also the reason why this field requires lifelong learning and implementation. Someone without the drive or determination to be a learner for life may not be cut out for this career.
Because digital marketing includes multiple niches and sub-niches, you cannot learn a single skill and hope to make it work. Even specializing in one aspect of digital marketing is not enough. This is a mistake that aspiring digital marketers make. For example, someone who walks into this career with the knowledge of search engine optimization but lacks content creation skills will eventually fail to make it in the long run.

Again, there’s the problem of information overload. With too much information and too many resources available online, an aspiring digital marketer always runs the risk of picking a bit of ill-formed advice or learning the wrong things.

 What you can do

What Separates A Successful Digital Marketer From The Rest Of The Herd

If you have the qualities that we discussed above and you’re interested in making digital marketing your career knowing what it takes to be here, it’s time to move on to the next step: Becoming a well-rounded integrated digital marketer.

To Learn more refer to our blog : 10 Simple Hacks To Kick Start your Digital Marketing Career

An integrated digital marketer is well-versed with all the niches and sub-niches of internet marketing and has practical knowledge about applying these concepts to create cohesive strategies for his/her clients. For an integrated digital marketer, there are no loose ends — they understand how all aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, and marketing automation work together as a unified force.

The online marketing landscape is witnessing the advent of new channels constantly. For example, Snapchat wasn’t as popular a few years ago. But today, for a specific type of businesses, Snapchat is proving to be an active marketing channel. At the same time, consumers are increasingly demanding a seamless and consistent experience across all channels. This is why to survive and grow businesses, and digital marketers alike have to take a more strategic and integrated approach.
This is precisely what our Integrated Digital Marketing Certification Program trains you in. This comprehensive course helps you learn about almost all the significant digital marketing skills while preparing you for the current needs as well as future possibilities of your business or that of your clients through hands-on learning techniques.That means you not only get to learn the theory but also learn to apply the method in real-life scenarios.

Here’s what one of our students, a digital marketing professional, has to say about our mentor and trainer, Sharan Kulkarni and the training he received from him:

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9 Growth Hacking Chrome Plugins

9 Growth Hacking Chrome Plugins

Coca-cola, Airbnb, Apple, and Amazon. Do you know what’s common among all these companies?

Yes, they’re all massively successful.
But do you know why exactly?

It’s because they have developed a system that generates revenue on autopilot. The “System” we’re talking here about is a standard operating procedure at the back end.

Consider Ola for example. It’s the largest car-rental company in the world but owns zero cars(no inventory).

Sounds intriguing, right?

Apple outsources almost all of iPhone’s hardware development to Asian and European countries. But the iPhone is a brand in itself!

At this point, you might be wondering as to how all this is related to growth hacking and plugins.

Hold on tight because down below you’ll know exactly why.

Digital Marketing changes at the blink of an eye. With the plethora of tools, etc., it becomes mind blogging at a certain point to stay updated with the industry.

The reason why Fortune 500 brands are so successful is that they focus on the things that matter. In other words, they manage their time well to boost productivity.
You can apply the same principles to your business as well, no matter how large or small.

This is where the term ‘Growth Hacking’ comes into the picture.
Growth Hacking is an unconventional method to grow and scale a business efficiently that involves rapid experimentation. It saves a lot of time.
And in the business world TIME = MONEY.

If you’re a Best Digital Marketer looking forward to boosting your productivity and save a ton of time, you’ve come to the right place.

The following chrome plugins will help you to do so.

Now let’s get started!

#1: Snovio

Find emails on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or some other websites and send them out of Snovio Chrome Extension.
Basically, it sends out the collected emails right from the chrome extension itself.

  •    Has an email verifier
  •    Doesn’t interfere with other email extracting chrome

#2: Woorank

This tool is utilized to learn the health of one’s own website. It supplies a health score of one’s site and allows you to realise how well it’s assembled with SEO parameters.

Additionally, it helps us to understand how well your competitor’s website is assembled and the way you’re able to outrank them.
After you click the WooRank extension, the extension opens a popup having a search engine optimization analysis of the site covering a range of factors.

  •    Detailed SEO report
  •    Covers mobile & local SEO

#3: Sniply 

This extension can help you to add your own call-to-action (CTA) onto almost any website of your choice.
You can embed custom messages into articles from Problogger(https://problogger.com/), Neil Patel (https://www.neilpatel.com), or just about anywhere!

  •   Seamless integration with platforms like LinkedIn, Hootsuite, etc.
  •    Useful for lead capturing and list building
  •   Conversion & engagement tracking
  •    Ryte.ly

#4: Kimono

This is a very new plugin in the market that transforms your site into a structured APIs right from your browser.

  •   No prior coding knowledge required
  •    Fast and easy to use

#5: Ninja Outreach Lite

This is the go-to plugin to boost your outreach efforts and prospecting capabilities.

  •    Advanced Data Mining
  •    Note taking
  •    Viewing RSS feed of a blog

#6: Keywords Everywhere

This is a no-nonsense SEO extension power-packed with some fantastic features.
When a search query is entered in the search bar of Google, this tool shows key metrics like:

  •    Search volume(monthly)
  •    Cost-per-click(CPC)
  •    Competition
  •    Can be integrated with Google search console
  •    Keyword data of Related searches instantly available

#7: Flikover

This is the only paid-plugin we’ll be covering in this article. Flikover is a group-buy service, i.e., A bunch of people pay & get access to a variety of tools.
Go to flikover.com signup, make the payment and download the plugins. You get two plugins that have to be installed manually to your browser (It’s a simple process).
Once this is done, you get access to premium versions of tools like:

  •    SEMrush
  •    Moz
  •    Ahrefs
  •    Lynda
  •    Wordai
  •    Canva
  •    Keyword Revealer
  •    Animoto

Note: Flikover is a monthly subscription service & is nominally priced at around 1200 rupees.

#8: Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder

Tired of using separate tools for taking screenshots and recording screen? If yes, then this tool is a must-have.

  •    Entire webpage or just a portion of it can be captured
  •    Screenshots and recordings can be edited


#9: LinkedIn Helper 

We’ve saved the best one for the last! LinkedIn is of massive importance especially if you’re in the B2B industry.
This plugin can be used to automate tasks on your profile such as:

  •    Collecting, selecting and inviting 2nd & 3rd-degree connections
  •    Auto-visiting of profiles you’re connected to
  •    Broadcast messages to all your connections

Pro tip: This plugin comes with a 14 day trial period. Once the trial ends, you can open LinkedIn in incognito mode and use the plugin( This hack works only on windows 8.1 !)

Over to you:

In this Digital era, time is perhaps the most significant asset. Using the tools mentioned above will certainly make your life easier by letting you focus on the important stuff.
Too many chrome extensions can hurt your productivity.
Make sure you pick the ones that’ll help you with your business objectives & projects.
Now it’s time for you to take action. Have we missed out on anything?
Do let us know in the comments section down below.

Learn the exact fail-proof system that we use for our clients to convert their social media contacts to contracts without playing the guesswork game or spending a ton of money